General Nundwe off hook on Covid-19 funds abuses

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Having reported few weeks ago that Malawi Head of Intelligence, Dokani Ngwira used part of Covid 19 funds to purchase a furniture for his home in Area 44, outside his entitlement, Maravi Post can confirm that Ngwira has been sent home by the appointing authority pending investigations outcome on Covid-19 fund abuse at his office.

National Intelligence Services is among the many agencies which got a huge chunk of covid 19 funds from the abused MK6.2 billion Covid-19 money but failed to account for it.

However, we can confirm that NIS Head abused his office by among other things, finding himself a mini palace in Area 44 and furnishing it with state of the art furniture from AAM Furnitures in Lilongwe.

As that is not enough, NIS lied that it would send it’s officers on covid 19 boarder patrols and in the fields in the middle of Covid-19 case escalations.

This publication can confirm that no officer or agent from NIS was sent in the fields, raising suspicious on how over MK300 million NIS got varnished without anything tangible done towards Covid-19 fight .

As for Army Commander Vincent Nundwe is off the hook despite opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets within Malawi Defence Force (MDF) to tarnish his image by involving him in the abuse of funds.

Our sources within MDF told this publication that General Nundwe is not part of the army officers who abused Covid-19 funds as by then he was outside the army.

“It’s not true that General Nundwe has abused the MK120 million which he was instructing the accounts officers at Kamuzu Barracks to transfer to brigades that in the process some which had his errand boys who were cashing the funds and a big lot of it ended back in the hands of Nundwe.

“Nundwe got advanced loan when he was deputy army general to finish his lodge which is located on the new road that branches off before parachute battalion. These are fake reports from DPP cadets within the MDF against Nundwe. He is a man of integrity,” explained MDF senior officer who did not wanted to be named.

Malawians are waiting anxiously as who really misused MK6.2 billion Covid-19 funds.

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