GVH -sabango with Wong Symbolic ceremony
GVH -sabango with Wong Symbolic ceremony

Life is never the same with some communities surrounding Kang’oma Wetlands reaping from a forgotten resource despite hash climate effects in Traditional Authority Tsabango in Lilongwe, Face- To-Face project official says.

At least villagers in the nearby communities can testify the benefits of conserving the few existing wetlands that are eroding in Malawi for Permaculture farming.

History has revealed that Kang’oma Dambo Wetlands is just like other Wetlands that have not yet received maximum conservation attention for community benefits and economic development.

Managing Director for Face- To-Face Organization in Malawi and United States Ken Wong yesterday during symbolic ceremony of Home Victory Garden and field visit under the tittle; Face- To-Face 2016 Kang’oma Youth Tournament of Hope, noted that despite environmental challenges Malawi have potential to claim its growly from forgotten farming practices like permaculture with less available resources.

He said: “Victory garden campaign aims at leaching 100,000 poor households surrounded by poor agriculture dependent households in Malawi. The people suffer from food, nutrition and economic insecurity because of low agriculture production hence Face- To-Face empowerment”.

He further said, with increasingly, frequent drought and a limited asset base are also some of the challenges Kang’oma households are facing.

According to Programs Officer for Face- To-Face Mike Chikakuda, the goal of the program is to contributing towards poverty reduction and to improving resilience of Kang’oma wetland dependent communities to the expected climate change scenarios in as far as farming is concerned.

Chikakuda highlights that the measure includes soil and water conservation, afforestation and diversified crop management practices among others.

“As organization we engage and teach villagers how to take good care of the Home Victory Gardens and dambo, and the surrounding landscape. These, actions will translate into more and sustainable benefits”

Senior Group Village Tsabango hails the project saying it have come at right time when people lack knowledge on how overcome effects of El-Ninio and other environmental challenges.

He therefore, urged his subjects to fully embrace the opportunity to sustain their livelihoods in agriculture sector.

Among other beneficiaries is Merry M’dima who expressed Optimism life has changed since the project was introduced in the area.

According to M’dima they have also being sensitized on how to manage seasonal wetlands for farming activities.

She also says they have been drilled in different ploughing skills and techniques, using crops with less water requirement; wells maintenance to conserve the wetlands for permaculture faming. The effort will help to curb the hash effect of climate change.

Today, the communities have water at their disposal and improved yields through these practices. Communities have also been encouraged to organize themselves into groups to combat overexploitation of remaining resources like forest, dambos and wells by other communities and again to use local resources in projects like fencing of wells or replanting of other degraded forest areas.

Let’s learn from Kang’oma and preserve our precious resources because it is a source of our livelihood.

The project is based on the long-term partnership between Face- To-Face and local households in Malawi with special assistance from ISORA foundation, The Granny Connection, HILLSEEKER Switzeland, Reebok CrossFit, CrossFit LUZERN and CrossFit TB TOMS’BOX .

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