Malawians in the Tri-State of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, on Thursday celebrated Thanksgiving Day at a dinner hosted by the Malawi envoy at the Permanent Mission of Malawi to the UN, Permanent Representative Ambassador Perks Ligoya, and his wife Madame Gift Ligoya.

During his welcome remarks to the approximately 60 guests from the Tri-States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Ambassador Ligoya led Malawians to observe a minute of silence for the former Malawi Mission Ambassador Neckton Mhura and the six soldiers that died recently in the DRC. Ambassador Ligoya, said Ambassador Mhura and the six soldiers were connected to the UN because their work involved the UN.

Ambassador Ligoya, continued to state that the Malawi Residence was open to Malawians and he pledged that he and the Mission staff were prepared to assist in the reviving of the Malawi Association in the area known as Malawi Association in the Tri-State area (MAITA).

In making these remarks, the envoy, who took up his post in August this year, took the opportunity to brief the Malawians of the Malawi Government Diaspora, which among others, includes dual citizenship. Ambassador Ligoya said having been to several meetings by other Malawi Diasporas in the US, it was important that the Tri-State joins the conversation in the Malawi Diaspora in the US.

Ambassador Ligoya informed the gathering how on a recent trip to Atlanta, Georgia, former members of the Malawi Diaspora (of Indian and Asian descent), raised $120,000 for development projects in Malawi. He also said Diasporas of other countries had formed investment organizations that raise monies for infusion into their respective country’s development efforts. Ligoya therefore, called on the Malawians to explore such undertakings, to help Malawi in its development projects.

On their part, members of the MAITA expressed their joy at the occasion and pledged they will make every effort to revive the association. They were also expressed their joy at the assistance that the Mission would give in the MAITA reviving process.

Ambassador Ligoya gave special thanks to former envoy to the Malawi Mission, Ambassador Yusuf Juwayeyi and his wife, Mrs. Elsie Juwayeyi, who were present and have been regular attendees of MAITA function and Mission events.

Also present at the festivities was a representative from the New England Malawi Association (NEMA), who informed the gathering that their Association levies a membership annual fee of $120.00.

This is something that MIATA members in the room discussed they should look into.

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