Bizywaxy Artworks Director Manson Msukwa

By Chris Loka

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Mastering the craft of Graphic designing needs commitment and dedication, if you want to impress then be creative enough in your designing and that will make your works stand out in the current days where there is an influx of graphic designers.

Considering that the art of graphic designing require proper skills, Bizywaxy artworks has created a website where among other things aspiring graphic designers will have the opportunity to accessfree tutorials from the platform.

Speaking in an interview Bizywaxy Artworks Director Manson Msukwa said with the advancement in technology, there is also need for graphic designers to deliver top-notch designs to their clients,a thing that require proper skills.

“We are aware that there are many aspiring graphic designers who are willing to be trained and this has necessitated us to come up with this development so that we can drill and equip them with various skills so that they can deliver good products.

“Some of the lessons will be how to use various designing softwares including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign,we will also use the platform to connect with our customers from abroad,” he said

Msukwa said not limited to graphic designing works; people will also be accessing various trending issues ranging from entertainment and other stories.

He further said, they don’t compromise on quality and that is why they have been able to score marks from their customers.

“We treasure quality and that is why we have been able to impress, our team has vibrant and skilled personnel’s with vast experience in designing artworks, Banners, Posters and many other things that need ,” he added.

Msukwa said they believe in Consistency, creativity and respect saying the philosophy that has also helped them to keep potential customers and needs other upcoming designers to tap the anointing.

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