Chanco Students in protest mood
Chanco Students in protest mood

ZOMBA (Maravi Post)—The situation at the mother of all colleges in Malawi—Chancellor College—in Malawi’s eastern city of Zomba is tense. The anger of the Chirunga intellegentia’s have reached its boiling point, forcing them to stage an impromptu demonstration, only Maravi Post can  reveal.The bone of contention is on the insensitive fee hike which Malawi president Peter Mutharika approved in the University of Malawi.

Mutharika directed council of the University of Malawi to hike fees from MK275,000 to MK400,000 for the needy students and to MK900,000 for mature entry students, a development which has not gone down well with the Malawian students.

They accuse the Peter Mutharika administration of deliberately and systematically deepening the levels of poverty by widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

The demonstrations started immediately after the General Assembly the students conducted at noon today. It is said that the Assembly resolved to have their “excess anger” vented by means of demonstration before reconvening to map the way forward on different initiatives the students may take to force Mutharika reduce the hiked tuition fees.

Our sources on the ground have confirmed to us that the main Library on Campus has been closed and Lecturers have retreated from campus for fear of being caught in the crossfire, a situation that strongly indicates the institution may shut down if the situation remains uncontrolled.

Our sources have also confirmed that the Chanco students last night –from 10PM to 1 AM—also conducted demonstrations on campus and in the nearby area of Chikanda where it is said that the students burnt the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) party regalia in protest of the gross incompetence of Malawi President Peter Mutharika in handling the affairs of this country—this fee hike issue being top on their list of issues which Mutharika has failed to show leadership.

“The message they are telling the nation is that University Education should be reserved to the already rich because under the levels of poverty in this country, you cannot expect our poor parents most of who survive on less than a dollar a day to save and cough MK400, 000 as in our case here at Chanco or Mk600, 000 at College of Medicine to have their kid attain University Education,” said one third year Political science student.

Meanwhile, our source say that the situation remains volatile  as students are advancing past Chanco Arc trying to proceed towards Zomba Zero where more likely they may clash with the Police.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika demonstrated marks of incompetency when his brother late Bingu Wa Mutharika was in charge of the country with him as Minister of Education. The younger Mutharika who has spent most of his time in the USA is always out of touch with the reality in Malawi as at that time he proposed to have varsity fees hiked, a decision which attracted the wrath of his brother who accused him of being insensitive to the sufferings of Malawians.

The short fused younger Mutharika reacted to the violent banging of the table by his brother in dressing him down by taking an impromptu sabbatical leave as cabinet Minister so he could vent his anger of being shouted at like a small kid.

Malawians were aware of Mutharika’s incompetence throughout but perhaps because of regionalism and tribalism; they still voted for him as President in the 2014 chaotic tripartite elections and two years down the line, the public are reaping the fruits of putting an incompetent leader who has vindicated those who accuse him as being a ‘post turtle’ president and/or as a Puppet President.

Maravi Post is monitoring the situation closely and will give you timely updates as events unfold in the country’s old capital city.




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