Malawi’s Tithakupewa music group

By Donata Mpochela

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)– As a lot of local creatives such as poets, musicians and actors, are busy producing songs to bring awareness to people on Coronavirus globally.

This has prompted artists not to keep there eyes idle, Chitapa’s Tithakupewa Music Group says there current released song has been produced to sensitize people in Chitipa and the country at large on Covid-19.

One of the members of the music group, Mike Sikwese said the song which has just been released dubbed ‘Tipewe Coronavirus’ is one way of promoting awareness on Covid-19.

“If you go around, you will notice that there is still more to be done especially in rural areas in sensitizing people about Covid-19. Messages have to come from all angles and the creative Industry is key in all things.

“As a group, we have been using talent to disseminate important messages out there and we thought we should do the same with the pandemic,” Sikwese reveals.

Sikwese also said there is need to reach out to more people.

“As artists we reach out to more people and this is why we worked on the song. There are people in the rural area who still do not know the pandemic and so it’s our duty to make them aware. If we are to fight the pandemic, then we have to work in unity,” he said.

“The song is about how we can prevent Covid-19 and the message was basically given by the Ministry of Health through it’s health promotion office of our Chitipa District,” Sikwese said.

The track was produced by KD Records in Chitipa has collaborated several artists who are members of the grout such as Ho Wokire, King Dexy, Miedo Kay and many others.

Finally, the artists further advised the Nation that people need to follow the preventive measures because Coronavirus is real.

People need to wash hands frequently with soap or alcohol-based hand rubs and water.

Avoid touching your face, keep social distance and practice respiratory hygiene.

As of April 13, 2020, Malawi had 16 COVID-19 cases with two deaths

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