Mchinji’s children catholic church group donates blankets to vulnerable children

MCHINJI-(MaraviPost)-Tilitonse, a group of children at Kamwendo Roman Catholic church in Mchinji, under Guilleme Parish in the Archdiocese of Lilongwe, on Saturday, gave out blankets to 130 poor children in the church.

The gesture is in the spirit of living Missionary Day for Children, a day for prayer and role of Catholic children in the World, which Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) in Malawi is promoting across Catholic churches in the country.

The day gives the children the chance to take an active role in liturgy, singing, reading the word of God, making announcements, leading liturgical dance and making offertory procession.

Members of Tilitonse raised about MK340,000 to buy the 130 blankets, necessitating the donation during a children dominated eucharistic celebration held at Kamwendo church and presided over by the Head of PMS Father Vincent Mwakhwawa.

One of the group’s members, Alinafe Tobias, disclosed that they managed to raise the money through contributions amongst themselves and soliciting the support of their parents or guardians and other adults of good will in their church.

“We want to inculcate a culture of love and giving in our fellow children so that they should also learn to help others,” said Alinafe.

She added that one of their activities, as a group, is reaching out to their fellow children who are suffering in order to teach them love and many other good christian values.

Rodah Jere is one of the children who received their blankets and she did not hide her excitement, saying she would now be able to sleep with the warmth the blanket would give her.

“I am inspired to join the Tilitonse group so that I become one of the children that are promoting love and giving,” she said.

And taking his turn, Father Mwakhwawa commended the members of Tilitonse, saying they have demonstrated a unique behaviour which is lacking among people across many churches.

“I am impressed with these children. It shows that they are managing to live what they are learning from class, the Bible and their teachers about a christian life in the Catholic faith. It is not easy for many people to live what they read in the Bible,” observed Father Mwakhwawa.

He added: “This gesture is an example of what a human being should be, especially children. It is sad that, we, adults underrate children, thinking that they cannot love, give and donate. The children at Kamwendo church have just proved to us that they have the capacity to love and express it much better than most of us.

“Love and sharing are core human and christian values. However, society, nowadays, is full of selfish people and many of such people are in government, politics, business and religious institutions. They are not faithful at all.

“We must emulate what the children at Kamwendo church have done, demonstrating love as God wants it to be done. As, PMS, we will ensure that these children continue to be taught well and that their love diversify to even wayward children in communities”.

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