MCP Fund Raiser
MCP: Fund Raising High Tea

What’s the main objective of the fundraiser?

The high tea fundraiser main objective is two-fold: First, to provide an opportunity for women to express their aspirations on what public policies they would want a possible Dr Lazarus Chakwera led administration implement in 2019, that’s with respect to uplifting the welfare of ALL women in the country.

Second and most importantly, it is to raise funds for party activities as we put an extra gear in preparing for the 2019 watershed elections. We believe that us, women, can and must play a pivotal role in resourcing the party. In MCP, we believe that there is nothing for us without us hence the birth of this initiative.

Is the event limited for MCP members only or its open for all?

This function is open for every woman who wants the leadership we elect in this country to walk with women as we strive to develop the motherland. As I said, it’s an opportunity for us women to make our case to the incoming President through the incoming First lady, Madam Monica Chakwera.

For example, to make it abundantly clear that we, women of this country, expect the incoming President Dr Chakwera to always adhere to the recently enacted gender statute by appointing women in different decision making positions as the Act dictates not what we are seeing today where number of women in cabinet is being reduced just to accommodate an undoubted misogynist.

This is something every Malawian woman would prefer to see happening hence this high tea event is an opportunity for them to come and have their views known on how they would want MCP to run affairs of the state with respect to promoting the interests of women. So yes, this function is open to all Malawian women and not MCP members only.

What use will the money be realized?

As hinted earlier on, the resources will be channeled to the party to use towards the impending or is it ongoing campaign for 2019 tripartite elections. Party activities, even the smallest function, are always costly and we need resources to mount a successful campaign in 2019.

In MCP, we are our own funders and hence this initiative to generate some resources for the noble task in 2019. In MCP, we subscribe to the creed: Nothing for us without us. In our party, individuals contribute whatever they have towards operations of the party hence this initiative is just a matter of complimenting such efforts.

Is it an ongoing thing or it’s just a once & off arrangement?

It’s an ongoing exercise. When we have a party activity, it follows that there is spending of some sort. This means that we are depleting the resources the party realized hence it is logical to replenish the coffers thereby making such an initiative and many other initiatives an ongoing exercise.

How many people are expected and what’s the ceiling of the money expected to be raised?

We expect many people as this function is open to all and sundry. We have people who are coordinating the function in Northern, Central as well here in the Southern region. The attendees are expressing interest to these coordinators and we hope that they will give us a clear picture of how many will attend and therefore how much we will likely going to realize as we draw closer to the function date. I must also point out that Madam Monica Chakwera will be the guest of honour and I will host the function at our residence in Namiwawa—thus off Sanjika Palace road in Blantyre.

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