While Malawians are still waiting for convincing explanations and are yet to recover from the MK4.0 billion saga, government, on instructions of the president, in the week beginning April 9, 2018 settled in full a MK3.1 billion claim by Mulli Brothers for “losses” in the July 20 aftermath.

This was done secretly and the discussions happened in treasury in a meeting between the finance minister Goodall Gondwe, Ben Phiri and Leston Mulli (apparently Ben Phiri advised the two that the President had agreed to settle this issue).

What is shocking is the Mulli owes Malawians (through the MSB disposal) around MK3bn. This money was to be collected via a special purpose vehicle that was set up as one of the conditions for the transaction to go through. That money is yet to be collected.

It therefore means that the debt owed by Mulli still stands and the minister has once again let us down.

The payment was made using promissory notes issued at the treasury in MK100 million denominations and
Mulli is yet to discount these. He says he will use the money to set up his telecommunications company Celcom and fund DPP activities.

Things to note:

1. Government owes fertiliser, seed and drug suppliers among others. These are genuine suppliers of goods and services but have opted to settle the dubious claim first

2. Government bailed ADMARC with MK45 bn as a result of poor decision making

3. ESCOM which was liquid some 2 years ago is now almost bankrupt and has a debt burden of MK52bn and may not recover anytime soon

If we look at the scenarios above, this government has created around MK100 bn burden on the taxpayer through various suspicious dealings. The plunder is real

The stealing is getting out of hand. The following must be done:

1. The Minister should state the reasons he has paid and if not willing, he should resign immediately.

2. Mulli must pay back the K3.1 billion and the K3 billion of MSB.

3. The president must explain to Malawians why he approved the Mulli transaction

If the cashgate of 2013 warranted a forensic audit 72 arrests, was only K30billion. The report is a public document on line.

If you look at this ESCOM alone has lost MK52 billion. Almost double the 2013 cashgate. No action. Nobody demands accountability from this president.

Infact they are actually making statements to protect his legacy by just calling the rest thieves, crocodiles etc.

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