Ngwira; drunk?

Fired Peoples Party (PP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Mzimba Hora Mzomera Ngwira on Wednesday was suspected to be drunk as he disrupted the house business by bringing contrary issues.

The house was debating issues concerning the bill of national park and wildlife as presented by the Minister of Natural Resources Bright Msaka.

However, when he rose to contribute, Ngwira started accusing people from the southern region of  being the controllers of any kind of leadership instead of commenting on the matter which was being discussed.

“Why should every position be controlled by the southerners? Should we say that they are the only ones to lead this country?” wondered Ngwira.

Despite the deputy speaker of Parliament Mcheka Chilenje saying he was out of order, Ngwira who seemed to be in angry mood with the development continued his controversial remarks without fear.

“This house should approve the bill that will share the leadership such as the governor of the Reserve Bank, President and others. For example, each and every region should have its term not just the south,” said Ngwira.

However, drama erupted when the speaker switched off the microphone used by Ngwira and the MP jumped to the nearby microphone and the speaker switched it again.

The other MPs in the house especially from government side suspected that Ngwira was drunk while shouting at him to seat down.

The deputy speaker then threatened to throw Ngwira out of the house using the standing orders if he continues disturbing the house business.

The MP who was uncontrollable during the day, came out of the Parliament on his own and then the house continued its business.


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