Pius Mvenya
Pius Mvenya in black jacket during the press briefing

Mulhako wa Alhomwe, a cultural grouping, has accused President Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s led administration of oppressing its members who are serving in the civil service and other government agencies.

Chief Executive of Mlhakho wa Alhomwe, Pius Mvenya claimed this during a news conference in Blantyre where he also announced that their annual festival will be held at their culture heritage center at Chonde in Mulanje district on October 10, 2021.

Mvenya said they are concerned and disturbed with oppressive actions events that have been happening since Tonse Alliance was ushered into power in July 2020.

Mvenya said it was wrong to be associating or perceiving former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the grouping as one entity.

Mvenya claimed that the grouping comprises members with different political affiliation, saying “we have members who are MCP and UTM, but we put the aside when it comes to issues to with Mulhako”.

“We could have chosen to remain silent, but we have been forced to speak because these primitive and oppressive actions have been seen, and many are witnesses, that they are crafted against the Lhomwe people.

“In the past few months of Tonse Alliance government led by MCP we have seen the carelessly and

unreasonable firing of professional and capable personnel from different government department and agencies.

“We have qualified and capable Lhomwes that rose through the ranks in different government.

ministries, department, and agencies and today are being fired simply because they are Lhomwe.

“Few weeks ago, we had an audio clip circulating in social media calling us all sorts demeaning names. Today our names have gone away, we are called thieves, corrupt, savages and others. And our government seem to love this, and we may not be far from the truth to say, they are in support of this,” explained Mvenya.

He further said, “it is unfortunate that the Tonse Alliance is connecting our members to DPP. Some members have been fired, others have been redeployed to the Office of the President and Cabinet where they are doing literally nothing.

“You may wish to know that some of these people joined the civil service or government agencies way before DPP. A good number of them got their job during Kamuzu Banda era, others during the era of United Democratic Front, so it’s not on for government to be oppressing them just because they are part of Mlhakho wa Alhomwe.”

According to him, Mulhako wa Alhomwe is apolitical and was established in 2007 to resuscitate and promote their culture.

“We are urging our members to be strong and remain united. This is not the first time for our members to face similar situations or victimization. The storm will be over, it’s part of the game, just stay focused as we are looking forward to starting various initiatives for our betterment,” said Mvenya.

Zeroing in on this year’s cultural festival, Mvenya said the Council for the heritage group resolved to hold the event, thanks to easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

He said they have lined up a number of fundraising activities including music performances from Skeffa Chimoto, Black Missionaries, Dan Lufani, Tay Grin, and some renowned gospel artists.

“The festival returns this year, and we look forward to holding a successful cultural festival and let’s support activities that will staged to raise funds for this event,” said Mvenya.

There was no immediate reaction from government as its spokesperson, Gospel Kazako, who is the Minister of Information, did not pick our calls on several attempts.

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