By Kassim Kajosolo


Council of Muslim theologians in Johannesburg has condemned the report made by South African Broadcasting Corporation – SABC news saying Malawians were involved in the Al-shabab Kenya terror attack.


In a letter addressed to SABC General manager, Njanji Chauke questions the authenticity of the findings by the said expert.


The organization wonders as to why the said video claims that the Malawian Muslims are involved in the attacks.


“As the video clip plays, the supposed expert is heard claiming the terror group ties a recruitment among Muslims in general and the Yao people of Southern Malawi in particular”, said the letter.


The organization has asked SABC to confirm  the news as the it is very disturbing.


The council also asked the media house to allow them engage the purported expert to examine the research findings.


“We will appreciate if we would be allowed to engage the said expert so that we can share in his research leading to the conclusion he made,” said the letter.


The letter also seeks a response from SABC on the matter.


Izak Khomo, a producer and analyst of SABC said there are Yao muslims from Southern Malawi in Somali terror group.


“Go to Al-shabab camps, you will find many Muslim Yaos from Malawi, many of them,” said Khomo’s clip.


The newly formed Chiwanja cha a Yao cultural heritage has described the report by the expert as unfortunate.


Abdul Aziz Yusuf, chairperson of the grouping has said this is just there to turnish the image of the Yao people and Malawians as they are peaceful.


“This is very unfortunate, Yao people have nothing to do with terrorism. This report just want to tarnish the image of the peaceful Yao people and Yao muslims who are very peaceful,” he said.


He asked, “Why Yao people? Why malawi Muslims?”


In an interview with one of the renowned Newspapers in the country, Malawi News, Hon. Nicholas Dausi, minister of homeland security responded in a shortline , declining to comment.


“I can’t comment on that, ask the people who are mentioned,” he said.

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