Mwenda for football fraternity in Malawi

MZUZU-(MaraviPost)-As 14th December, 2019 fast approaches, every Malawian, here and beyond, who loves and follows local football is panting heavily in anticipation of the results of the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Presidential election results.

The play field has been levelled; every door is open; ready to let the best candidate enter the victory zone.

Since the date, 14th December, 2019 has been coming closer, a number of FAM Presidential hopefuls have come from all corners of Malawi; some with the intention to just throw their names into the public domain for cheap fame while others are the realists who really want to bring change and tangible development insofar as Malawi Football is concerned.

Going through their manifestos, something is coming out clearly that the documents are just a replica of the other.

However, the manifesto of one James Mwenda, stands out to be a container of tangible development for soccer in Malawi.

For the past fifteen years or so, Malawian Football has stagnated and it is very few positive changes that one can point out on the ground. What comes out conspicuously as the development is just the infrastructures that stand tall at the FAM Headquarters.

However, that development is only more apparent at Mpira House, but the other regions and the lower levels, football is still in deplorable state. Worse still, the unfinished structures in place like Luwinga Technical Centre is a clear manifestation of lip service by those who ought to do their job.

When reading Mwenda’s manifesto, something speaks volumes on his behalf: Mwenda is Malawi’s present day’s Joseph whose brothers sold to the Egyptians without realising that one day he would be their saviour. In his manifesto, Mwenda has clearly committed to develop regional football associations both in terms of administration and infrastructure.

In his masterplan, the current second-in-command of FAM, has committed to remit K15 million funding for regional leagues after 30 days of office as FAM president. He promises to achieve this through commercialisation programmes and the grants that Fifa remit to FAM.

Truth be told, the current state of football leaves a lot to be desired.

The support that regional committees of football get from FAM is way below the bar. And that’s Mwenda’s primary cause for concern.

Having been in the administration of football in the country; but as an auxiliary asset, all and sundry is cock sure that this is the most rightful time for Mwenda to expose his full stamina in developing Malawi’s football; just like Joseph whose parents and siblings loathed for simply sharing with them the he had about the sun, the moon and the stars worshiping him.

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