All Creatures Mzuzu, a veterinary clinic in the city, has embarked on a free sterilization exercise as one way of dealing with the increase in stray dogs.

Veterinarian Dr. Pacifique Basirwe said Thursday that the exercise is part of the clinic’s social responsibility programmes.

“We are doing this so that we can interact with members of the community and indirectly deal with the problem of stray dogs which are a health hazard in the city.

“Most people fail to control breeding of their dogs. As such, the number becomes too much for them to keep.

Through this exercise, we want to give city residents an opportunity to bring the dogs for sterilization at no fee for the first dog per household,” he said.

Basirwe said dogs aged six months and above are only are allowed to undergo the sterilization exercise, which is sponsored by Humane Society International.

He added that the clinic’s services are not limited to dogs but open to all kinds of animals.

Interested households are supposed to register their dogs at their Mzuzu clinic and will be assigned a day and time when they can bring their dog for sterilization.

The exercise, which started on January 13, will be conducted every Saturday at the clinic situated at Nkhalapya, Kaning’ina in the city.

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