After 61 years of a fruitless journey that has generously birthed sorrows and tears, Nigerians are still celebrating poverty, injustice, insecurity, unemployment, corruption, kidnapping, nepotism, intimidation, harassment and abuse of human rights.

Crimes abounds in a society where there is no justice, it become a temple that honours criminality with other social vices.

A society where there is injustice breeds violence, aggression, frustration and intimidation by disgruntled citizens who are seen to be treated like second class citizens.

The unity of Nigeria has been compromised by ethnicity, tribalism sentiments, political affiliations and religious sentiments by those who are saddled with responsibility to unite the country.

Morality and values are obviously far away from our political and religious leaders.

61 Years of unstable electricity, our healthcare system cannot by any means  be compared to South African hospitals which are rated as the best in Africa. 

Our educational system has always been in a state of emergency, a devastated condition that has no government impact. While Nigerian cruel rulers are unconcerned about our educational system and curriculum, students are usually on strike for years yet no access to virtual studies.

For decades Nigerians have not enjoyed a single dividend of democracy. No doubt, Nigeria is an underperforming nation compared to other countries in the world. 

Both political and religious leadership is being driven by a selfish set of people whose interest supersede public interest.

There is no doubting the fact that Nigeria is a failed state; in a country where the security of lives and properties have been hijacked. Nigeria is a country where its rulers have no regard for the rule of law.

Nigeria has degenerated to an extent that terrorists invade a topmost security base and kidnap soldiers. 

Despite the killings, kidnappings by terrorists under the guise of Fulani herdsmen, Buhari dictatorship has refused to proscribe them as a terrorist organisation.

What are we celebrating? After years of using force to manage conflicts between aggrieved farmers whose husbands, wives and children have been butchered by Fulani herdsmen without the slightest respect for the sanctity of life.

Are we celebrating how Buhari dictatorship uses security agencies to intimidate protesters, or how he uses DSS to abducts freedom fighters: people like Omoyele Sowore, Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho and others?

The political arrangement in Nigeria since independence has been dominated by visionless rulers [not leaders] who have no ideas about governance. The vagabonds have no capacity to effect good governance, their characters explain the current situation of things.

Rule of law in Nigeria is merely a tale by moonlight. Despite, enormous resources, power and resources are still centralised. 

How can Nigeria know peace in a situation where its citizens live in abject poverty and forced labour? 

Bad governance motivates criminality such as violence, terror, insurgencies, communal clashes, religious crisis which has jettisoned the socio-economic and political development in the country.

Insecurity in Nigeria emerged as a result of marginalisation, injustice, political exclusion, corruption, economic deprivation, social inequality and unequal allocation of state resources.

61 years of lack of judicial independence, maladministration by Buhari regime. 

The lack of rule of law has made Nigerians not to have confidence in the Nigerian judicial system owing to the arbitrariness in the selection of judges by the executives to do their bidding.

The Buhari dictatorship uses force to clampdown on freedom fighters and agitators but sits comfortably on the round table together with terrorists for negotiations.

After 61 years, we are still battling with censorship of views and opinions, intolerance over criticisms and political discourse. 

Our problems can never be solve until citizens unite and form a force that will defeat these brigadiers out of power. 

Obviously, we need a radical revolution that would shutdown the bad system and produce a new set of people to power.

For decades we have been ripped off, if we want things to change as expected, the masses also need to effect the change with one voice of solidarity.

Source saharareporters

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