By Saunder Jumah

Mr. President! It seems you are out of touch with the situation and circumstances on the ground in Malawi.

Your actions indicate you are too much obsessed with power, beside being a well learned man you have failed to learn a lesson on how and why your predecessors lost elections in a distant past.

Founding president Kamuzu Banda lost elections in 1994 because he was obsessed with power, when the ‘voice of reason’ knocked on his door he defied and labeled many of them as dissidents who were after unseating him from the presidency, little did he know that his obsession could cost him power.

Referendum came he lost, at elections he lost too. The man you think is a political engineer Bakili Muluzi did the same trying to further and rule beyond the constitutional mandate for a third term; he was crushed down and failed.

Your own brother was stubborn over his own failure; when fuel became dry in the country he started lying about the Tete bridge in Mozambique instead of telling the truth that there was no money to pay for bulk fuel.

When citizens started voicing out he became obsessed with power to the extent you guys in DPP failing to reason with your brother of the truth on the ground.

Your nemesis that you hate so much to kill, Joyce Banda was cautioned and warned against globe trotting and lies over the selling of the presidential jet and limousines of state.

Her own lies started backfiring when citizens saw the sold “Rear Jet” being used by the same female president.

She defied the cries of citizens the end result was a disappointing third place elections results under Orange People’s Party.

You came in with a well documented and believed manifesto, with your education many believed and expected the best from you, to the extent the high court and MEC twisting results just to get rid of the lady president who had disappointed enough with Cash Gate and lies.

Though we are realizing late that the cash gate and state looting is your child (the Mutharikas) but she was punished for it. All these have not taught or rang any bell of lesson to you.

In less than one term of your presidency Malawi has been bankrupt, economy turning to junk status, democracy robbed and held hostage, the rule of law defiled and molested, state looting and cash gates graduated and promoted.

All these have been witnessed in three years of your presidency and DPP government.

You sweet mouthed when you was out of government but has become a nuisance in the government that you have messed up everything in the country.

Your tone has been to blame all the past four governments as if you are the best president and government. The fact remains you are the worst and destroyer of our Malawi nationhood.

Malawi engaged in looking at the fault lines from as far as 1995 to 2007 where consultation was conducted to streamline and smarten our constitution to meet the needs and aspirations of the better future.

You were one of the advocate of this initiative where on your own mouth you talked about trimming the powers of the president, reformation of the constitution from the present “the first past the post” to “the 50+1 system”.

We are questioning where you have lost it? Has state house become “marijuana house” where you smoke and forget or turn down your humanity? What exactly is wrong with you Mr. President?

On your consultation with PAC and GTF you agreed that the reforms on electoral process particularly the “50+1” will be tabled on the November parliament sitting.

From nowhere you have changed your tone; you are using looted state funds to lure some CSOs to crush down the intentions and wishes of all Malawians by deceiving rural citizens that the reform process has not been well versed to the general public, you are using traditional chiefs to fool the nation against the reforms so that your interests can be protected.

We know that you know with 50+1 you will not make it in 2019 but do it for the country.

Our warning comes on the wake of the call by PAC sanctioned by religious organizations which includes the most revered Catholic Church.

You may be a Christian who is not well conversed with past events. The date of 13th of December of the year 1307 has bad omen, if the march and demonstrations take place on this day you are doomed and bad lacked.

Your presidency will be tarnished with damaging repercussions because biblically you will be a cursed leader in government.

The timing of the men and women of God is very threatening if you cannot heed to their call.

*Views expressed in this article are those of the author (Saunder Jumah-Utopia Jumah Africa Think Tank) and not necessary of The Maravi Post.

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