It is crystal clear that patriotic Malawians have followed the issue of cash gate as it unfolds with keen interest. One interesting branch of cash gate scandal is the arrest of former Justice and constitutional affairs minister, Ralph Kasambara SC. Kasambara is known to be one controversial and successful lawyer Malawi has ever produced.

The court is his play field that Kasambara has no fear though that does not guarantee him frustrating the charges against him successfully also. It is one thing to be a defendant and another to be in a court dock. While there are many things being said about the cash gate and the shooting of the budget director, President Joyce Banda has a lesson or two to learn from these issues. While there may be many lessons learnt by Abiti, she should learn how to speak little and listening more though this time around, in a hard way, unfortunately she is continuing to speak carelessly.

The chewa proverb goes on to say that ukayenda uzisiya phazi osati mulomo chifukwa ukasiya mulomo udzakutsata (when you go around leave the foot stamp only and not the lip for the lip will haunt you.” Unfortunately, our president has in some circumstances left the lip which seems to haunt her now. Kasambala named president Banda to be one of his key witnesses in his attempt murder charges. One wonders as to why Kasambala of all people would drag the whole president in such charges.

If you recall very well, you find that it was shocking that President Banda was shocked with Kasambala naming her to be a witness. While she remains in shocked state till now, one thing is clear that Kasambala cannot just drag her into this case for nothing; there must be something Kasambala is convinced about for him to name the president as his witness. Kasambala may not be honest in naming the president as a witness but may take advantage of the president’s unreflective speeches and claims which will teach the president a lesson to be quiet at times if she is not sure of what to say. It is right to speak when you really have something to say other than just for the sake of speaking. Not all people in jail were really wrong; some of them are there for just using their tongue recklessly and their accusers took advantage.

It was clear to everyone that the issues of Mphwiyo shooting would be the easiest to investigate because the president claimed knowing the shooters. After her return from UN meeting, it was shocking to hear the whole president making the U-turn. Though the president was trying to refrain from implications of such claims, Kasambala took that serious and an advantage and he is geared to use it to reclaim his freedom. When it comes to law, saying the truth is not always the reality but rather evidences, witnesses and constructive arguments on the matter. This, Madame forgot. The issue of Mphwiyo’s shooting is criminal and has to follow legal process, it is not just political where people can stand on the podium and say anything unreflectively.

While other experts said that, the president by virtue of her position cannot stand in the court of law to testify, it is clear that even if that may hold water now, Kasambala may ask for suspension of the case up until such a time deemed convenience for JB to testify. Kasambala will not just let it go. On the same note, other law experts said that the precedence was set in 2003 when former president Muluzi stood in court to testify about signature forging while others are saying that there is no law barring the president to testify but protecting him/her from prosecution.

So, you can see the implication of unreflective speeches which are meant to please the segment of sympathisers. It is unfortunate to hear the president standing on the podium and say, “you can drag me into the matter but you will rot in jail” just because she is married to one of the best lawyers on earth. In all these careless speeches Kasambala is just listening without saying anything while quietly recording such speeches for a testimony in court soon or later.

You also recall when our madam claimed that Dr. Zikhale confided in her about the money from Taiwan DPP which she made the nation believe that Bingu Banked in his account. One wonders if the president knows many criminal activities taking place and never blows the whistle to suppress such acts. Leadership is not about speaking but acting. Thank you madam that you are now acting on Mphwiyo’s shooting and cash gate issues though it’s just like fighting the effects instead of causes of crime. We just hope the prosecution will go in favour of the common citizen other than being a cover-up.

My advice to you madam president is that from this learn to listen more and speak less to avoid avoidable mistakes which end up compromising justice. The more one speaks the more mistakes are made. Wish you the best Madam.



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