“The past is our history, the present is our life we live and the future is our destiny” (author)

It is now a week in the most anticipated year 2014. The rising and the sating of the sun is the same, blowing of the wind is the same, people’s faces are the same, friends are the same, going to the same shops with the same unbearable prices, using the same roads, working in the same places and led by the same government etc.

The question is what makes the New Year, new? It is time to reflect on the past year for it is our history where we can learn from our mistakes so that we can correct the present for the better future. The past is our history, the present is our life we live and the future is our destiny.

It is said that we learn from our mistakes. It is also said that, making mistakes is inevitable but making the similar mistakes time and again is being stupid. With that in mind we need to do things in a way that we avoid mistakes we made in the past year. Note that, doing the same thing the same way is likely to bring the same results and if 2013 was a pathetic year for Malawians when it comes to socio-economic development, then we need to change the way we do things this time around so that we can achieve better results to make this year new to us.

The concern however is that people who created problems cannot bring solutions to the same but rather, just a cover-up, thus we need new minds to clean up the mess which could otherwise be avoided.

The late few years were not the best years to most Malawians at all. If the past is reversed, most Malawians would rather skip 2011-2013 to the preceding years except few who benefited from the mess. There are a number of mistakes which were made in the just ended year which I believe have to some extent tossed the wrath of God.

Malawi has entertained homosexuality to the point of repeating laws which criminalise the same, human rights activists have been pushing for legalisation of abortion, Madam president has been disregarding some good advices for political reasons, the president lied to have forgiven her opponents equating herself to the freedom icon, the late Nelson Mandela while she is witch-hunting them for political reasons, atheism is being tolerated than the years before, commercial sex workers have been allowed to establish an association as if there is no other means of survival they can embrace, mob justice has increased as a result of insecurity which was to some extent promoted by madam president by repealing the shoot to keep policy of security promotion, poor leadership has brought hunger to the ever hunger free nation in just 18 months, after observing Malawi’s weak leadership, Tanzania has taken advantage to claim part of Lake Malawi which has never been theirs, there is increased corruption leading to the shooting of the budget director, skyrocketing of prices and deteriorated economy and many other manifestations of Malawi’s poor leadership.

Wisdom is no longer with Malawi leaders because the spirit of God has left them. Remember, one can still lead God’s people without the spirit of God as was the case with Saul but such a leadership is fatal. Where is that Holy Spirit which our mum felt during inauguration ceremony as she claimed? Oh, power corrupts indeed! Take note that the bible says, if you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land; but if you resist and rebel, you will be devoured by the sword, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken (Isaiah 1:19-20).” Is the later not what Malawi is facing?

God made the nation of Israel prosperous when it was led by a righteous leader but for the wicked leader, the results were despicable (1 Kings 14-17). Once the leader disregards ruling people with fear and trembling to the Lord, what Malawi is experiencing is axiomatic.

Our leaders and the entire nation need to repent. John Maxwell said, “Everything rises and falls on the leader”. The leadership has failed us and the leadership must realise that if we are to be any better this year, a bona fide repentance is inevitable not a cosmetic one, for God cannot be mocked (Galatians 6:7).

If our leaders were in the time of ignorance, we would expect God to pretermit their blunders but a large number of our leaders claim to be God fearing and as such, God cannot tolerate any evil doing but to punish it as a result the entire nation is suffering from the sins of our leaders (Deuteronomy 5:9).

This means that our leaders as our parents have to make the right decision to avoid national catastrophe. We are heading towards election and we need to at all cost avoid what Kenya faced in 2007/8 and what South Sudan is now facing and the only way is to fear God and follow His ways.

All countries surrounding Malawi are much better when it comes to socio-economic development, what is wrong with Malawi? We have traded our integrity, customs, traditions and ethics for aid. Where are donors, now that we have disregarded the wishes of Malawians to please them? Is Malawi any better now?

Repentance that Malawi needs has to be called by the Malawi leader while admitting that she has led the country astray by disregarding the ways of the Lord. In the book of Esther we read that Esther, the Queen saved Israelites by leading them into prayer and fasting before asking for the King’s favour to save the Israelites (Esther 7:1-9).

Remember that God puts people on leadership to do a noble task and if the contrary is done, consequences follow. You may be on this position for such a time as this and if you don’t do the right thing, God will save Malawi in His own ways but unrepentant leaders will suffer the consequences of their sins (Esther 4:14).

It will no matter whether one is married to the best lawyer or not, God judges justly. After king David had sinned in 2 Samuel 11, he realised of his sins after being warned by a prophet in 2 Samuel 12 and in Psalm 51, David repents. David was a man after God’s heart (Acts 13:22) and after sinning he repented what about our leader Joyce Banda? I am not judging but a leader is like a house built on the mountain which everyone sees.

We have the present to correct our mistakes for a better future. To do this we need God. Any sin which is done deliberately is punishable by God. God loves His children and when they sin, He whips them to correct their evil ways. Our leaders think that God can be mocked by hiding under His name while doing the contrary. For God’s sake, how can a spiritual renewed leader disregard people’s lives as it is seen with inmates? Our leader prefers inmates to die than receiving maize from the opposition parties.

Note that any law, policy, procedure or whatever you call it that risks people’s lives is evil. At times, it is wise to breach bureaucracy to save lives. Politics which disregard lives is wickedness and such leaders are not fit to rule Malawi. Risking lives for political reasons is iniquity and a bad beginning of a New Year.

I am convinced that it doesn’t matter whether opposition parties want to give maize for campaign purposes or not, what matters most is that lives are saved. As Phil 1:18 notes, “the important thing is that in every way, whether from false motive or true, Christ is preached…” What will make this year new is new ways of doing things for the better Malawi; such ways must be in line with God’s will.

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