Malawi president Mutharika

A verbal war has erupted between President Peter Mutharika and political experts from the Malawi Chancellor College in Zomba, over the survey that reveals that most  Malawians have lost trust in Mutharika’s leadership.

Titled ‘The Paradox of Traditional Leadership in Democratic Malawi,’ the survey further shows that Malawians trust the clergy and traditional leaders more than they trust politicians at various levels, including the Head of State.

The survey results said the clergy are most the trusted with ratings of 83 percent. This is followed by chiefs (traditional leaders) at 76%, NGOs at 65 %, councillors at 48%, lawmakers (parliamentarians) at 44%. Meanwhile the survey results places the President as the least trusted official at 40 percent.

The survey was conducted by chancellor College Political Science Professor Boniface Dulani, who heads the political and administrative studies at CC, Happy Kayuni, Micheal Chasukwa, and Gift Sambo. Financial support came from the Norwegian Program for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research Development.

Mutharika however, attacked the survey’s results on Saturday when he presided over the official launch of Community Technical Colleges in the eastern region, which was held in Mangochi.

“I think the people who conducted the survey, were asking houseflies and not Malawians,” Mutharika said.

Mutharika argued that his leadership is loved by many Malawians, because of different development projects that he has carried out since 2014;  hence, according to the President, the results are untrue.

Professor Dulani on Sunday, hit back at Mutharika’s remarks saying “we were asking Malawians not houseflies, unless the President means that those we asked were not human beings, but houseflies.”

He then urged the President to learn to respect the opinions of other people.

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