Students often require scholarship for different reasons; most of them imagine that filling out a scholarship application is an easy task.  For them, it is a matter of answering questions about themselves. Scholarship application asks for more than just simple details like your name and address. Scholarship application judges students and wants to know more, including their passion and how students want to achieve their future career.

There are several types of scholarships student can apply for. According to the Federal Student Aid, students can apply for including, merit-based scholarships, which are awarded, based on student academic achievement, talent or trait. Those students who excel in their GPA with 3.0 or as high as 3.5 or 4.0 or who are star athletes or even have some talent are eligible for a merit-based scholarship.

Some scholarships are awarded to a particular group of people, these include ethnic minority groups or people with special needs.  The need-based scholarship also offers financial aid if student’s family demonstrates that they cannot afford to pay for college fees. The need-based scholarships offer grants to needy student alongside with a partial scholarship to cover for certain college expenses.


How to manage the application process effectively

Most scholarship application requires students to fill in forms, but others will require additional information like high school transcript or letters of recommendation. To adequately prepare for the application process, one needs to understand all the requirements and make inquiries before applying. During the application process, follow the directions and never assume that all applications are the same. Following the application, instructions are paramount if you miss one-step your application will be rejected.

Be organized, especially when applying for multiple scholarships; you need to be aware of the deadlines. It is important to review all the forms before applying and gather all the information before sitting down to make the application. You will save time and avoid running up and down looking for different documents.

Go through your application and ensure that you have submitted all the required documents. Check if you have answered all the questions and followed all the instructions.  Make sure all the information you have provided are credible and can be verified. After sending your application via email, make follow-ups to ensure that the scholarship was received. Other scholarship application would require a short essay; always seek for help from your tutor to ensure that you present a professional essay or as a last resort, find some quality custom essay.

After filling in all the required details, have someone to review for you the information on your application to check for simple mistakes like grammar or spelling that might make your application look unprofessional. If it is an essay, have the tutor give you feedback and make corrections as recommended before submitting the final work. Scholarship judges are more like teachers so any feedback you will get will add value to your application. Ensure that you present a professional application that will encourage the judges to consider your application.

Before making, the final submission makes a copy of all the application and stores them in different folders on your computer for future reference. The copies of the application will help you, especially when attending a scholarship interview. Always remember that every scholarship has different requirements, all you to do is be prepared and have all the required details to maximize your chance of getting a scholarship.

Popular Scholarships Opportunities

There are several examples of popular scholarships opportunities students can apply for in the UK and the US; there are over 1,100 full-time scholarships available for students below are among the top 10 scholarships.

  1. The Marshall scholarship, to qualify for this scholarship students requires a minimum of 3.75 in the GPA. More than 40 American students are selected on an annual basis for a two-year scholarship for any undergraduate program in the UK.
  2. Students can also apply for the Rhodes scholarship to study at the University of Oxford that covers all the study expenses for a two-year program that can be renewed in the third year. More than 32 Americans have selected annually for this program.
  3. The Winston Churchill scholarship is suitable for students studying science, engineering and mathematics. Students have the opportunity to study at Churchill College and Cambridge University for their undergraduate programs.
  4. The Harry Truman scholarship  is for college junior interested in public service, students with an exemplary record of campus and community service are eligible to apply
  5. The Henry Luce Foundation scholarship offers stipends and internship opportunities for students between the age of 15 to 18 more so Americans who want to work or live in Asian countries. However, potential candidates need to be nominated by various colleges.
  6. The Robert Byrd Honors scholarship  is a federal government program that gives more than 7,400  annually to all college students  up to $ 1,500
  7. The Morris K Udall Foundation undergraduate scholarship  also awards   80 scholarships annually  to college juniors and senior  studying environment or policy related studies target native American within the healthcare sector
  8. Barry Goldwater scholarship awards 300 scholarships each year for student pursuing career in science, medical research and other technical fields
  9. The Eli Wiesel prize in ethnic essay contest is an annual essay contest open to all college students that awards scholarships worth $ 5,000 for the best essay writers.

To qualify for the above scholarships, students need to have earned the highest scores various tests. Most students avoid applying for scholarships because of the processes involved, by following the above guidelines, scholarship application can be much easier, and all you need to do is to follow the systematic guide to get the much-needed financial aid to pursue your career.

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