Mwase(L), Fazili, and Mpinganjira

By Rabson Woodwell

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Soccer expert and former flames player Peterkins Kayira has backed the Government’s decision to hire first and second assistant coach for the national team on merit as opposed to Football Association of Malawi (FAM)’s decision.

This follows after government through Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture announced that they will not follow FAM’s request to give contracts to Flames’ assistant coaches who by default will double as Under-20 and 17 national team coaches.

Kayira expresses his views, “in my view, it means that they want the national coach should have a national view, however, Malawi has not reached the level that the national coach can be choosing his own assistants.

“However, I would also say may this not be a strategy to hire people they already have in mind then by default they advise them to apply so that the nation does not notice any wrong doing; in that case, it could be very worrisome”

Confirming the development, Simon Mbvundula the ministry’s spokesperson, said the Mwase’s contracte has been accepted because it was a special case but for the assistants will be advertised to give more coaches an opportunity to try their luck.

Mbvundula said, “Mwase has been considered for the contract after stakeholders’ recommendations but as for the other posts, we will hopefully advertise in media this month.

“We believe coaches have to compete for these other positions. Eligible coaches should apply and have a competitive process to go through the normal channel of recruitment which in the end we believe it’s going to be effective.”

This is in opposition to what FAM arranged by giving total freedom to the national team coach Mwase to appoint his own backroom staff. He then chose Fazili and Mpinganjira to be his assistants.

However, FAM’s General Secretary Alfred Gunda said they have no problem with the government’s arrangement, saying they hope the employment process will be done in good time considering that U17 national team will have a tournament in July.

Gunda said, “the current Flames assistant coach Lovemore Fazili is on FAM’s payroll. Bob Mpinganjira, who Mwase recommended as assistant coach alongside Fazili is the Flames’ fitness trainer and is engaged by FAM.”

Currently, FAM appointed Peter Mponda and Deklerk Msakakuwona as interim coaches for U20 and U17 national teams respectively.

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