Food is a key process for the proper functioning of the body. Thus, a balanced eating routine directly influences the quality of life and well-being – and this includes a healthy intimate life.

The factors capable of affecting libido and intimate performance are countless, such as stress, fatigue or problems in the relationship. And although few people know this, food also plays an important role in the hormones that make you feel ready for intimacy.

Just as there are certain foods capable of increasing libido, there are also those that act in the opposite way, being harmful at the time of intercourse, especially if consumed in excess.

According to Viviane Gomes, a nutritionist at Instituto Castro, these foods are harmful and can decrease the libido. The body becomes slower and asleep and there is a reduction in blood volume, responsible for erection.

In view of this, the ideal is always to have the accompaniment of nutritionists, able to assist in the inclusion of healthier foods, nutritious and that are allies of intimate life.

Next, know nine foods that reduce intimate desire and reduce them from your food menu.

1. Alcoholic Beverages

Although the consumption of alcohol can contribute to make the intimate moment more pleasant, it is important not to abuse it. Exaggerated consumption is responsible for the decrease in testosterone, directly linked to libido.

2. Soft drinks and diet food

According to Viviane Gomes, artificial sweeteners affect the levels of serotonin, especially aspartame. This hormone helps in the body relaxation, concentration and feeling of happiness, and is also released during s3xual intercourse.

In addition, soda consumption can cause reflux and heartburn, affecting intimate performance.

The gas present in soft drinks can cause abdominal distension, but this symptom varies from one individual to another. If the person has this predisposition, should avoid the drink.

3. Soy Protein

If consumed in excess, soy can decrease the levels of testosterone due to the presence of phytoestrogen, a non-steroid component that causes hormonal imbalance.

According to the expert (Gomes), this can result in a significant drop in libido in both s3xes, especially when eating soy protein powder.

4. Trans fat

The high consumption of foods such as stuffed biscuits, fast food and ultra-processed foods, which contain added trans fat, leads to reduced intimate desire.

This causes the clogging of the arteries, reducing the blood flow to irrigate the organ at the moment of intercourse.

Moreover, depending on the digestion of these foods, the performance may be impaired.

The fatty foods have a slower digestion and, considering intimate activity as an ‘exercise’ of light/moderate intensity, the performance may be impaired.

5. Tonic water

Due to the presence of quinine in the drink, a substance linked to decreased intimate function, tonic water can be a problem before intercourse. According to studies, quinine may be related to erectile dysfunction and the decrease in testosterone levels in men.

6. Cheese

Because it contains a large amount of synthetic hormones, cheese can potentially alter testosterone and estrogen production, directly impairing libido.

Other dairy products should be consumed in moderation before intimacy, as they can cause gas and bloating. The presence of the enzyme lactase can make milk and dairy foods more difficult to digest.

7. Microwave popcorn

According to the nutritionist Viviane Gomes, the presence of chemicals in industrialized popcorn, such as the perfluorooctanoic acid, may cause long-term problems, being one of the risk factors for the development of prostate cancer.

8. White flour

There are some studies that associate white flour with some health problems. Processed foods, such as white flour, impair intimate desire because they have the ability to destroy nutrients essential for intimate health, such as zinc.

9. Sweets

Foods rich in sugar can raise the levels of glucose in the blood, causing a decrease in libido. Besides, its consumption in excess can affect the natural production of female and male hormones. Gas and bloating can also be a problem.

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