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SS17 fashion trend report: The ultimate guide to next season

Who doesn’t want to look stylish? Trends come and go, but little black dresses, jeans which flatter your figure and dressing according to your body type will always be right. And, moreover, when it comes to festivals, you should try to look extraordinarily trendy, thanks to the parties, gatherings and what not!

But, you shouldn’t spend enormous to do so all the time. Just grab the New Look festive offers and thus you will save huge!

However, when it comes to fashion then only chic attires are not enough! To enlighten yourself with the right fashion tips is equally compulsory!.

So, here I am with some of the best ones. Just have a look!

  1. Show Skin Strategically

Looking truly appealing involves knowing what to bare and what to keep under wraps. Choose only one part of your body to show off!! If it’s shoulder, then don’t reveal your leg, if it’s your legs then stay covered on the top.

  1. Use Bright Colors to Emphasize.

If your skirt or belt are drenched in pretty bright color then it can highlight the  most attractive parts of your body, whether it’s your slim waist, or agile legs or swan-like neck. You can select the colors that are in-season to confirm you are being up-to-the-minute with the latest trends.

  1. Always be Comfortable

Comfortable clothes dominate your manner of interaction. In a comfortable garment, your attitude is lighter and self-assured then when you are forced to deal with the tight ones. The apparels that make you self-conscious is a cause of many diseases even!

  1. Simplicity is the Best

The most important fashion tip for girls is not to overuse the look and stick to minimal yet fashionable apparel. Layers don’t make you stylish, neither does an infusion of jewelry and makeup. So, if you keep it simple then you would definitely feel many eyes goggling at you all the time!

  1. Replicas Always Fail

Girls are encouraged to replicate the style of popular celebrities or follow their trend. It is not a good idea at all if you are following someone with different body shape or outer features. Stick to the style tips that suit your own appearance instead of a blind imitation. What makes you stylish and fashionable, it might not be the same scenario for your friend! .

  1. Wear Heels

Heels give you confidence and also help you to emphasize the look that you are trying to pull off with some extra inches. To own few heels like wedges, stilettos, box heels, etc can be a great idea!!

  1. Try for your Own Perfection

You spend all the time trying to look artificially perfect when it is not really needed. Many people look stylish when they are not embellished to perfection but allow a little quirk to shine through. For instance model, Kate Moss looked amazing in her messy, careless, appearance with a relaxed approach to fashion.

  1. Try Short Hems

If you want a different variety of style, try experimenting with hems, Settle for dresses and skirts that come in a variety of lengths. Try a short hem and team up with a perfect pair of shoes that suits your style. That’s it! You are now ready to take over the world.

  1. Keep Yourself Well Groomed

Dressing well is good for your style, however, your efforts will be in vain if you don’t pay an attention to proper grooming habits. For that, you don’t have to  spend huge on your manicure or on a modern hairstyle always. You simply have to appear neat and clean. Your nails should be trimmed, your hair must be nicely

combed with a clean bright face. And, you are done!

  1. Accessorize Yourself

The most important of all fashion tips for girls is to sensationalize the outfit with exciting accessories like necklaces, hats, glasses, jewelry, scarves, socks, etc. Elegant accessorizing can do wonders for a plain outfit. Also, it can highlight your best feature, update your outfit and enhance your style like never before. You can also switch your outfit from casual to formals by just changing the accessories. Elegant accessorizing such as adding a Blancpain Villeret can do wonders for a plain outfit.

Winding Up

By these 10 simple tips, you can enhance your style and look beautiful than ever before. So try them out and see the difference!

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