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Being a working mom can be one of the most daunting experiences, and especially if your work involves frequent travels requiring you to be away from the child(ren) from time to time. Some moms will experience difficult times coming to terms with all their responsibilities, and others suffer from guilt particularly from disparaging comments from a society that expects a mother to remain entirely at home raising the kid(s). Fact is, in today’s world where women’s role in the development of the economies is as important as that of men, travel savvy moms need just some assistance to get through their work and parental demands, as they brace 2017.  

#1. Bad Mom? Never!

Have you been judged as a ‘bad mom’ for having to leave your family especially the child(ren) to travel for work? Remember at this point in life, most of your decisions as a parent are for the well being of the family/children. If staying around means they lack an education or a comfortable life, then would you rather be on the move? Do not be so tough on yourself, you are doing the right thing.


#2. Fear not, for they will be just fine

It is natural to be worried about the wellbeing of your children while you are away. Are they feeding well? Are they healthy? Is the caretaker (Be it a nanny, father, or another relative) taking good care of them? These are usually the numerous concerns moms deal with while traveling for work. Make prior arrangements to have someone you trust watch over them in your absence, and they should just be okay.


#3. Involve your child(ren) and spouse in your schedules

Let those involved know in advance when you will be required to travel and for how long. Ensure you have organized everything they might need, from groceries to laundry to ease the burden of those left behind. Ask your child(ren) to assist you in packing for your travel; it will prepare them mentally and ease the separation anxiety.


#4. Tech will make it a lot easier

Take advantage of technology by taking family pictures with your phone. Looking at them while away will keep you connected despite the distance. Make video calls via apps such as Skype, Facebook, Viber, Imo, among others, to catch on their wellbeing and the day’s events. Thanks to technology, you can even help with their homework miles away.


#5. Family vacation!

Your young ones must be curious how it is like to be traveling all the time. Satisfy their curiosity by organizing for family vacation alongside your work travels, especially those that fall during the school holidays. While it will help them understand why you must be away, it will also go a long way in tightening the family fabric that would otherwise loosen due to the strains involved.


Josephine Wawira writes for Jumia Travel

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