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Visa B2: Tourist Visa USA

A US tourist visa is typically a B2 visa, for which you need to have an interview at the consulate.

Even if you have excellent documents and enough funds in your bank account, consular officers may still reject your application. It’s better to be well prepared for the interview at the embassy and here’s how to do it.

These are general recommendations on how to behave at the consulate:

  • Stay calm. If your voice trembles and your eyes look frightened, they may suspect you’re hiding something
  • Always speak the truth. Consular officers are professionals with skills in reading people. If they think you are not honest with them, they won’t hesitate to turn you down.

Below is a list of 17 questions they usually ask applicants during the interview:

Why Do You Want to Visit the USA?

It’s the simplest question. After all, you apply as a tourist. Your best answer would be along these lines: visiting cities, shopping, sightseeing. The usual stuff. If you are visiting friends, you must submit an invitation from them as proof.

Is It Your First Trip to the States?

You probably know that having previous U.S visas is a great bonus. If you have renewed your travelling document, you should bring your old one to the interview as proof of previous visits.

Why Have You Chosen This Time of the Year?

Let the officers know why you want to travel during a particular season. Whether you’ve managed to save just enough for the long-awaited journey or it’s time for your annual vacation, just speak the truth.

Will You Travel Alone, with Relatives or Friends?

If you are travelling with a group of people, make sure to learn something about each one of them. The officers at the embassy may ask a thing or two about your companions.

Where in the Country Are You Travelling?

Study the basic information about the places you’re planning to go to, as well as what sights you want to visit. You don’t need to have confirmed bookings of your accommodation, but it helps if you present an outline of where you expect to stay.

What Are the Dates of Your Stay?

Show that you have already planned everything. The best proof is to show the official document from work, stating the beginning and the end of your vacation.

Do You Have an Itinerary for Your Journey?

The U.S authorities love the specifics. The more information your itinerary includes, the higher your chances of approval are. List everything from accommodation to sights and even shopping destinations.

What is Your Budget for the Trip?

Make sure you can cover the expenses. Include a valid bank statement with enough money in it to cover everything on your itinerary.

What’s Your Occupation?

Tell the officer what you do for a living and who your employer is. Show your employment certificate, income from the last 3 months, and a bank account statement. To further increase your chances, you can submit a letter from your employer confirming you indeed work at their company.

Do Any of Your Relatives Live in the USA?

Don’t try to deny this even if you’re not planning to visit them. Hiding information from the authorities will get you disqualified in a heartbeat.

Do You Have Friends in the States?

Name even those whom you won’t see during the trip, as well as where they reside. Try to present an exact address, not just a city. It shows you know your way around and have someone to go to if you need help.

If you plan to live with your relatives or friends:

How Long Have They Been Living There? What’s Their Status of Residency?

Status means whether they are U.S. citizens or Green Card Holders, as well as their occupation, family, etc.

What Are You Planning to Do When They Are at Work?

Give a fair and clear answer: go for walks, stay inside, travel nearby, etc.

Have You Already Found a Job in the U.S.?

It’s a provocation. You are not allowed to work in the States. If the officer has any suspicion you plan to, you’ll be rejected at once. Try to present as much proof you have responsibilities back home as possible.

Do You Have the Tickets for Your Trip Already?

Booking your flight before the interview isn’t a compulsory thing. You might want to study the flights’ schedule and select approximate dates and hours that you can mention to the Consulate officers.

Have You Visited Other Countries?

The more passport entry stamps you have, the better. But never lie, as this kind of info is in the database and can easily be checked.

How Can You Prove That You’re Coming Back?

Show documents of your property and let them know there’s a spouse waiting for you to come back or elderly parents in need of special care.

Rehearse all answers. Watch yourself in the mirror and make sure you sound natural. But most importantly, it’s best to stay true to yourself and have a calm exterior.

If you want to know more about the application process, here’re some relevant tips for the U.S visa interview to help you pass successfully.

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