Ken Zikhale Ngoma
Malawi Congress Party Ken Zikhale Ngoma has claimed that his party is on course to win all the parliamentary seats in Nkhatabay district

By Chalo Mvula

The vibrant director of strategy for Malawi Congress Party Ken Zikhale Ngoma has claimed that his party is on course to win all the parliamentary seats in Nkhatabay district. Zikhale who is also contesting for a seat in Nkhatabay South says he has been around the district and the overwhelming support for the party and its presidential candidate Dr Lazarus Chakwera is so great like he has never experienced before.
Zikhale, a veteran politician and arguably   one of the best political strategists in Malawi,   is now at the centre of strategic decisions in MCP.  With a Curriculum vitae that include strategically steering Bakili Muluzi and Bingu wa Mutharika  to presidential victories , he basks in the belief that whoever he  strategically support  ends up winning the presidency.  This is why , he has already declared that Lazarus Chakwera will be Malawi’s next president .
“As somebody who is from Nkhatabay, I can speak for this district to say people have now embraced MCP. We are seeing lots of people abandoning other parties to join us “ Zikhale told Maravi Post reporter.  In one of the rallies he addressed in his area this week more than 30 UTM members   dumped their party to join MCP.  The DPP constituency governor for the area, a Mr Chirwa  and the entire DPP committee also dumped their party for MCP.
Zikhale has said that people of Nkhatabay have opened their eyes and are demanding transparency and accountability from their members of parliament.  He cited an example of Hon Chinthu Phiri, the incumbent  legislator for Nkhatabay South who  allegedly is struggling to run her campaign because people keep asking her how the constituency development funds for the area has been  used in the 5 years she has been a member of parliament for the area.
Nkhatabay is one of the swing districts that don’t have loyalty for one party. In the previous elections, MPs have been elected from different parties.  2014 results saw Raphael Mhone  for PP ,Grace Obama Chiumia For DPP, Noah Chilelawalanda Chimpeni for PP ,Emily Chinthu Phiri and  Commodius Nyirenda , Independents and  Ephraim Mganda Chiume  for MP get seats in the districts 5 constituencies. If Zikhale claim will go by, MCP will become the first party to win all the seats in the district. When asked to comment on these claims both UTM and DPP representatives said they were busy campaigning and will wait after the elections to see who the winner is.
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