Blockchain Development

Before comprehending blockchain development, it is good to know the real definition of the blockchain first.

Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that contains the records of the transactions from different devices across the globe. This technology will prevent the modification of the records from third parties, keeping the records accurate and responsible. the information will be transparent and secure so that the users will have peace of mind when using the blockchain-based technology for their particular project’s process.

The blockchain removes the necessity of the middle party to facilitate the transactions. Instead, the smart contracts inserted in the blockchain networks will facilitate and govern the formal transactions between the two parties or more.

The perks of the blockchain have made many people in various industries interested in implementing the solution to streamline their progress. Many organizations in different sectors are pretty up with the particular solution.

Since the blockchain has solved many problems in various industries, it has also given birth to thousands of new job positions as the new projects come from time to time from creative entrepreneurs and companies.

If you or your company needs the blockchain, it is important to work with a company that has extensive experience and resources in blockchain technology. In this case, the INC4 can make a great option for you and your project.

Whether you need a prototype of the product, the exchange solution, cloud-based solution, software development, data science, or anything that is backed with blockchain, you can’t go wrong with the INC4.

The INC4 blockchain development company will help you to find the best solutions for your business.

What is Blockchain Development?                                

Blockchain development is a development of a particular solution using blockchain technology in the practices. In order to do this, you will need good help from the best blockchain developers like INC4.

Blockchain developers are professionals who are handling blockchain development project.

But the phrase “blockchain developer” is still too eneric when it relates to blockchain development. There are many companies that have different requirements and needs. Therefore, it is sensible to categorize the blockchain developers into two types: core blockchain development company and blockchain software development company.

What’s the difference between them? What do they offer each?

The core blockchain developers focus on the blockchain system. Their main tasks revolve around the architecture of the blockchain system.

The consensus protocol and security conventions are their main agenda.

Meanwhile, the software developers create blockchain apps. They do not create the blockchain from scratch. Rather, they build the Dapps or other apps backed by blockchain technology.

Regardless of the difference, blockchain software developers must be able to create particular smart contracts for their clients. The most common tools to build smart contracts are Truffle and Solidity.

How long blockchain development takes?

Blockchain app development has always evolved over the years. Back then, everything was so simple. But nowadays, one can turn the simple solution into a highly decentralized platform that is prevalent to the specific niche of the business. All in all, this solution is applicable to many businesses in different industries.

The duration of the blockchain app development will depend on different variables. It can be tricky to accurately estimate the turnaround time because the project in this category has never been simple.

Let’s say if you want to build an app with basic features and a good level of security. It can take around 2 weeks to 30 days to finish. But when adding more features to the app, it can take some additional days to finish. We are talking about the process of app creation. The deployment of the app could take around two to three months depending on the requirements.

The process of blockchain software development is complex. The process involves multiple phases to conduct.

The process of blockchain app development involves these steps.

Addressing the problems that you want to solve

Before making the particular product, you will want to decide on what problems you are trying to solve with your apps. It is important to identify the particular problems and have a good understanding of the matters. As you’ve done with the research, consider how blockchain technology can bring the relevant perks for the particular project. Choosing the goals of the app will be the most pivotal step to take. And it will take days to weeks, or even months just to find your motive for the project.

Choosing the software development platform

That is the second step that one must do before proceeding. Building a blockchain from scratch is almost impossible because it requires insanely large capital and a good amount of time. It can take years to build it from scratch. But there are ready-to-use blockchain platforms out there. The INC4 software company will help you to identify the best platform for this.

Creative process

In this step, you will brainstorm your ideas. Sometimes, great ideas are hard to actualize. And it won’t be realized until you discuss this with the stakeholders, higher-ups, your internal team, and your software engineers. It is important to focus on the components that need to be included in the software. There is no need to add something that you won’t use.

Concept proofing

Concept proofing is a very important step in order to give you a valuation about how the apps can be implemented to solve the problems. The concept proofing can be in various forms including application prototypes or visual demonstrations. Some simpler projects might only require simple PowerPoint presentations.

Design and visualizations

In this stage, the developers will start building the UI of the apps. They will also make the achievement in the back-end. The visual effects and designs will be developed to polish the appeal of the app. After all, no one wants to use bad-looking apps.

App Development

It is the core of the process. It is the construction of the app. The app is prepared in the alpha version. There will be a testing session before the deployment of the app. Usually, only the developers and team members of the project have access to the alpha version.

Step one to the latest step could take a few months. Your software developers will be happy to explain this to you.

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