The presence of a problem doesn’t mean the absence of God but every failure in any endeavors is because a force is in operation to cause obstruction that damage what two People intend to manage. Nothing happens by accident, any nakedness is done by certain hand of the Wicked.

Relationship in this context is when a Man and a lady decide to embark on a marital journey and needed preparation is made for its accomplishment. In recent time,there are forces that put sudden halt to many relationships and the next thing is to see that things fall apart.

In fact there are people who have suffered 3-5 relationship failures and many just opined that it is one of those things.
It has been strictly established that why relationship fail is because when both are not psychologically compatible, the journey to marriage may be difficult.

Psychological disorder in one may irritate the Partner and in a bid to retaliate such offences like unfaithfulness,lying, anger,resentment, suspicion, high mindedness ,greed,high taste, bloated ego and pride.

The centre may not hold as there is no Spiritual stamina to withstand such lapses that can later cause sudden collapse.
Be that as it may,there are Spiritual undertones that spell doom to many relationships.

A Woman went to a Prayer house,did dry fastings for 3 days at the end of it as they were sharing the Grace,She brought out the Picture of a lady that her Son wanted to marry and placed offering on it with sharp affirmation repeatedly: You will not marry my son! These two intending Couple might not have known what was going on. The lady will just discover that the young Man is misbehaving,one thing will lead to another, be it her mistake, errors of omission or commission since negative prayers has been made only to pack up the project of such Union.

These our Digital native ladies spend much time on how to look glamorously beautiful, can browse and chat endlessly without knowing there are forces behind, ringing the bell of separation.

If people that want to kill your marriage bent they will not eat or drink until they kill you maritally (Acts 23:12).

And you are jumping from eatery to eatery,dinning and winning, definitely the unexpected can happen. Better cultivate the art and act of praying in order to render useless any opposing forces.

A Christian brother had prayed and asked his Pastor to join him in prayer. The Pastor told him the complexion of the Wife he should marry as it was Divinely revealed to the Pastor but found himself getting the opposite but kept praying until the relationship failed and they went their way.

Two years after,he met the lady,surprisingly,the lady congratulated him for not marrying her that 2 Men had died while proposing to her and that he could have been the number 3.

The lady in question likely had spirit husband which she didn’t know how to go about it but God helped this praying man.

If you are NOT born again,old nature will be working against you and if you are prayerless,you are in danger of having many problems that your beauty,career and University DEGREE can’t bail you out except you can by prayer DECREE what you want to happen in your life(Job 22:28).

Do well to follow us here by applying and complying with Divine Truth. Heaven will start what the World CANNOT stop in your Spiritual and Marital life in Jesus Name!
ISAIAH 43:19.

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