Chilima and Chakwera
First Petitioner Saulos Chilima and second Petitioner Lazarus Chakwera

Facebook Posting from Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma

MCP has never been able to successfully deliver any alliances, try as they may have. Below is a chronological summary of its attempts.


MCP led by Late Gwanda Chakuamba went into an alliance with AFORD led by Chakufwa Chihana. Gwanda’s alliance negotiations team was led by JZU, the then 2nd in command, while Chakufwa’s team was led by Bazuka Mhango.

The conditions from AFORD were that Chihana be running mate, a proposition Chakuamba had no problems with and went ahead and unilaterally appointed Chihana as his running mate.

Unfortunately, this did not auger well with JZU who saw his leadership chances slip away. And therein laid the foundation of political factionalism in the MCP party. JZU’s camp which had the likes of Kate Kainja, Majoni and most of the central region senior crew rebelled and began to DE campaign Gwanda by telling central region people to vote for them as MCP MPs but Muluzi as president….the exact language was “pa MP po voterani MCP, koma pa president po mudziwa nokha”.

Muluzi being street smart, the self- acclaimed political engineer, pounced on this division and discredited the Mgwirizano and termed it Mgawikano Alliance. This proved to be the deal that destroyed Gwanda in MCP and JZU’s camp kicked him out before his term ended (through emergency convention impeachment).


JZU now in power, failed a feeble attempt with the Mgwirizano Coalitions led by Aleke Banda. It’s was a halfhearted attempt my JZU under the pressure of MCP NEC.


MCP NEC again resolved for an alliance with UDF. Processes began and regional mega rallies began…. the likes of the famed Masintha “Njobvu Ziwiri” Mega rally and Katoto Grounds Super Rally. From hence, things went downhill. Then in a scrambled attempt for MCP to save face, it started looking for potential running mate candidates outside the party which saw Richard Msowoya coming in before being dumped last minute for Brown Mpinganjira. BJ’s electoral alliance was doomed from the start because it never got support from the main MCP politburo.


Lazarus Chakwera too, as a new kid on the block, attempted a feeble alliance with the Nnesa, Katsonga, Chiwambo Mgwirizano Coalition. It was just a sham showing, no seriousness in it all.

Conclusion….UTM, don’t hold your breath about anything positive coming out from your talks with MCP. WHY??

MCP will NEVER EVER enter into any alliances which disadvantages its superior standing. UTM must remember that MCP considers no one an equal but only as subordinates subjected to a subservient position.

In simple language, MCP is a classic CULT grouping which elevates its leaders to the position of Cult status and protects its fiefdom from any form of compromise. If its leaders dare to stray from the Way, they are rudely kicked out. Those wishing to join MCP are only allowed to do through absorption not sharing.

Lastly if by some miracle UTM does manage to strike any deal with MCP, know that you being accommodated to be USED because it will only end up being a temporary measure to get them into power and a contract not even worth the paper it’s written on.

Second, be prepared to learn how to worship its leader, kiss ass and play second fiddle. Thirdly, kiss your political careers and ambitions goodbye. My prediction is that any alliance made will last less than the 24 hours you did with Joyce Banda’s PP last year.

Remember, they need you more than you need them….at least for now. Play your cards well and don’t end up in the pile of political victims mounting somewhere in the annals of Malawi’s political history. Patients are a virtue. Hurry hurry is no speed. Ntchenche yojijilika ina sinjidwa ndi nchimba.

Lastly MCP, don’t underestimate UTM, they have a hunger and desperation for power which boarders on frenzy. My advice is that both sides should go it alone, stop this push for 50+1, you don’t change the soccer rules in extra time…. you have a better chance at government without 50+1…. in reality.


Note from Author: A Historical Perspective…. (Some details may not be accurately recalled…. correction allowed)

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