Young beautiful woman in love with social media

By Armstrong

Boys always go crazy when they see their girlfriends online 24/7, making all sorts of friends, chatting with strangers, posting unnecessary updates, etc. But the one thing they miss is ATTENTION. You may be surprised to know that it’s not their desire to accept all kinds of friendship requests, have long lists of strangers they don’t know as friends on Facebook and WhatsApp. They do this because they lack that one friend who can read their Face as a book and ask “What’s up”.

Lots of guys lack the patience of learning about their ladies. Women are different from men and if you are a man who wants to understand her and treat her well, then you have to cultivate the habit of learning about her. Women hide their emotions or feelings especially after complaining and nothing was done about it.

The truth is, when they say they are okay, sometimes, it doesn’t mean they are okay. They want their man to look them in the eyes, hug them tight and say “I know you are not, what is the problem, I am here for you”.

“If you just want a friend who will stay with you without a word, I am here for you. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I am here for you. If you need someone to talk to, laugh with, smile with, I am here for you”.

What you are just telling her is that, you love her, you value her than any other thing, and she is your true friend and soul mate. Someone she can count on. Someone she can hold onto. Someone who won’t let her go or let her down.

When you treat your woman like this, it becomes impossible for her to go out and find a friend or someone to talk to, because you have become everything she needs. She can’t lose you for if she ever did, she will have lost her best friend, her soul mate, her smile, her laugh and her everything.

But when you ignore her, you neglect her. She gets very hurt and feels it in a million ways. Attention and Affection are oxygen to a woman, she will leave you for the lack of attention and affection quicker than she would even if you cheated on her.

So when you see your woman is online always, making unnecessary friends, giving numbers to strangers, you don’t hack into her account, blocking the guys and threatening or warning them. It means it is time to get creative, time to be thoughtful. Make time for her, lay her down beside you, rest her head on your chest and listen to her. Your heartbeats are enough music to make her fall asleep.

Every woman wants to have her own Titanic story, a Jack she always dreams of and looks forward to be with. Be that Jack and she will defile all odds to be with you.

Always remember two reasons that cause a person to change; either their heart has been broken or their mind has been opened. Don’t break her heart but rather open her mind. Be creative.

In conclusion “Use wisdom and understanding to establish your home” – Proverbs 24:3 (CEV).

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