Afghanistan crashed plane claims 83 lives in Taliban-held area

TALIBAN-(MaraviPost)-Passenger jet carrying 83 people has crashed in Taliban area in remote and mountainous Deh Yak district, south-west of Kabul.

Local officials said the Ariana Afghan Airlines Boeing 737-400 crashed and exploded into flames in territory controlled by the Taliban 1.15pm local time on Monday.

The officials added that the government-owned plane was not operated by the state during the time of the crash and investigation have been launched to established the casualties and real cause of the tragedy.

As reported by Mirror news, the fate of the passengers and crew still remains unknown and there are conflicting reports about the departure city and destination of the flight.

In an interview with the spokesman for Ghazni’s governor, Arif Noori, he said that the plane crashed and caught fire due to technical reasons although the Interior Ministry said the cause was not known.

He added that a team was on its way to the site for an investigation.

The state-owned carrier operates two Airbus A310 jets which have a capacity for up to 237 people, and two Boeing 737 planes which can carry 142 people.

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