By Burnett Munthali

Allegations claiming that the great fighter Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma has been caught in an allowance scam where she is getting paid hefty sums for accommodation yet she stays in a government house sound suspicious, fake and malicious.

Martha Chizuma said to be in house allowance web

Chizuma is an intelligent person who has good ethics and is poised to do a good job and she knows her job very well.

The serious allegations levelled against her that she lives in a Malawi Government house and does not pay rentals, but since she was appointed as ACB Director General she has been drawing monthly house allowance are serious allegations.

Almost everyone knows quite well that when Chizuma assumed office she asked for high security, a request which was granted. However, it is perplexing to hear that she has continued receiving her house allowance while government is already providing her with accommodation. This sounds strange, and unbelievable and looks like she is being targeted.

It is certainly propaganda that she continues to draw these allowances when she is living in a government house. It is surprising that the story is coming out after a week of anti- Chizuma protests by some quarters.

Martha is a woman of integrity and she realizes this is unethical behaviour, perhaps someone is throwing spanners into a grinding mill which is running simply to justify the anomaly which is not even there. Some corrupt leaders have been fighting this woman for quite some time now and I doubt if she can go this low.

The allegation is doubtful especially because she has been targeted by some corruption suspects in government and businesses. This is a plot to remove her from the job so that corruption cases end in a natural death. You may may even wonder why this allegation is coming out this time ever since she took office.

With that in mind, it is sounds untrue that she would choose to be getting house allowance from the bureau when she is not entitled to. What is happening now is purely mad smearing on the Director General with the aim of disturbing her focus on the fight against corruption and stopping her fight this war. Some people have created the situation look like “we are all into corruption so she must stop following us.”

This is fake news, Chizuma is just being targeted and dragged into a pool of dirty water deliberately so that everyone else looks corrupt and the fight should be lost, in the process a weak candidate should be appointed to take over her office and the war against corruption goes back to zero. She cannot be getting double benefits for one line of duty.

This is purely dirty politics by the corruption suspects pinning Martha Chizuma down so that we lose this war against corruption which she has started very well. Remember, some few weeks ago, Chizuma pleaded for support in Blantyre during a two day function during which different stake holders mapped ways of combating corruption in this country. Perhaps she meant and saw this dirty campaign.

The whole idea is to weaken the Director of ACB psychologically, morally, and emotionally so that she loses track. Corruption is fighting back and it will fight Chizuma more than this but she must be supported throughout. The aim of all this is to gang up support for the people of Malawi to turn against the Director in large numbers so that she is finished.

Failure to remove Martha Chizuma from office means that some people’s businesses and political career will fall in her fight against corruption because her zeal to fight corruption is certain and poised.

It is unfortunate that Chizuma has not commented on the matter.

Chizuma has been put under pressure to resign over a leaked audio that exposed some issues on corruption going on in Malawi.

The Presidential villas were constructed during Bingu wa Mutharika’s tenure of office and the DPP government but opened in 2015 to accommodate high-level delegates during their stay in Malawi.

Chizuma is highly regarded in Malawi and abroad for the gallant fight against corruption but some powerful businessmen and politicians have tried hard to fight back. This is probably just another fight which Malawians expected.

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