Chakwera, Chilima not popular

Although it is premature now to predict the results of the 2025 presidential elections, it is evidently certain that Prof. Peter Mutharika and Atupele Muluzi are gaining popularity while President Chakwera and his Vice Chilima are losing trust at the passing of each day.

It is predicted that this trend will continue as many Malawians feel duped by the empty campaign promises which Chakwera and Chilima dismally failed to deliver. Many people are experiencing excruciating hard living conditions during the Tonse Alliance regime amid scarcity of forex and fuel.

Malawians have now realised that APM is the man of the people who has the welfare of people at heart. This is in contrast to Chakwera’s leadership who doesn’t care about the sufferings of people as long as he is happy enjoying the delicacies of power.

While people are suffering from this economic meltdown, President Chakwera is busy globe trotting depleting forex reserves. Furthermore, he dupes Malawians that he is following tough economic austerity measures when his government is in the spree of overspending. Why does President Chakwera take Malawians for granted?

Prof. Peter Mutharika showed that he cares for the lives of people when he allowed nationwide demonstrations in 2020 without using unnecessary force. Innocent lives could have been lost.

In a similar situation in Zimbabwe, President Mnangagwa deployed military police to quell down demonstrators who were agitating against his victory. Over a hundred innocent lives were lost thereafter.

Even after honorably relinquishing power, Prof. Peter Mutharika did not interfere with Chakwera’s governance for a grace period of a year.

It is only after he noticed the suffering of innocent Malawians and selective justice perpetrated by the incumbent regime that APM holds periodic press briefings to advise Chakwera’s Government.

Prof. Peter Mutharika even volunteered to assemble DPP economists to assist Chakwera’s Government to try resolving this economic mess. Unfortunately, such good gesture has landed on MCP’s deaf ears who are then failing to resolve such economic hardships the much touted MCP way.

It is against this background that most Malawians are interested to listen to APM’S press briefings as compared to paying attention to Chakwera’s state of nation address and other official functions.
For instance, during the recent APM’s briefing, there were over 1,400 online viewers while another Chakwera’s function only amassed about 400 online viewers.

While APM’s press briefings offer hope to Malawians, Chakwera’s state of nation address lacks a sense of action and implementabilty. For example, Chakwera announced that he had stopped delegating duties to Chilima. But barely a few days later, he delegated some duties to him. Even Chakwera violates his own pronounced economy austerity measures.

On comparing the viewership on Maravipost recent posts related to Chilima and Atupele who were running mates during the 2020 fresh presidential elections, Atupele (1303 views) appears to have amassed more interest from the people than Chilima (840 views).

Political dynamics contribute to this changing trend. Chilima put up a vigorous campaign for Tonse Alliance in 2020 promising people what they have not delivered. Interestingly, most Malawians fault Chilima more than Chakwera for selling them a bad and rotten egg, empty campaign promises.

To add salt to the bleeding wound, Chilima is just quiet enjoying in his cocoon watching innocent Malawians suffering and queuing for the scarce commodity, fuel. It is not surprising that Chilima does not care about the plight of Malawians because even during APM’S regime he only started to make noise when he realized that he had no chance of standing on DPP ticket.

If Chakwera Government does not accomplish most of the campaign promises, and does not address the prevailing ailing economy, expect a regime change in 2025.

Unfortunately, instead of solving the prevailing hardships Malawians are facing, the government is spending resources on social media MCP demagogues so as to counter dissenting views. This approach won’t solve any matters.

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