Robert Chiwamba bites abusive bosses with Anthu Amafika Potopa poem

Poem: Anthu Amafika Potopa

Artist: Robert Chiwamba

Reviewer: Donata Mpochela

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Robert Chiwamba’s writing are some of the most difficult to understand, especially his poetry which is embellished with lofty wit, cryptic metaphors and symbolism, literary critics note.

Just like any human position born of appointment from people, a spate of demonstrations, injustice, abusive words, anger, and racism called people to migrate to the world of them in order to fight for justice.

But like the Biblical way from the Jewish people who reassured his leader not to be subversive political threat to people but to be good leaders. There came a litany of other equally mind moving poems.

But then, doesn’t Chiwamba’s recent poem miss the old good days of leadership? Well, the recently hit poem ‘Anthu Amafika Potopa’ is another soar that has revealed the crisis of the social status by the author.

Baring the starting point, the poet is reflecting how people are tired against the bad conducts done by the entrusted leader or the one in position.

Tuning in the lyrics of the poem with some background music of women singing in grief ‘Anthutu amafika potopa/ Kungotopa basi kuti tatopa/ tangotopa/ Ukuku n’kutopa basi tatopa ife/ Anthu amafika potopa’ drives you closer, deeper into people’s hearts of anger when they are thinking. It brings to you understanding the tiredness of the magnitude of citizens.

Back to reality, the events in the intro, despite being narrated by Chiwamba are manifestations of an everyday occurrence between a leader and a citizen giving a general advice to everyone across the social status whether politicians (past and present), church leaders, management of different organizations and those in leadership positions.

Motivated by the inflicted anger, people are tired of resisting all the hostile treatments in the dark world.

Akatopa anthu saopa mufti/ Amamuuza mwina unyolo omba mufti yako sitisuntha/ Kaya upha khumi ipha wachikhumi nchimodzi / ndiwe mufti ili paphewa Osaka amasanduka osakidwa/ Mbaula kuyisiya kuthawa wapansi anthu ali pambuyopo mawowowo/ Omutuma atafuchilila pakona wefuwefu thukuta m’mwezi ozizizra/Taziona ndi maso ife/ Anthu amafika potopa.

Having realized the repetition of the words in the stanzas. The repetition of the ‘Anthu Amafika Potopa’ delivers a heavy impact in emphasizing the core of the poem whereby giving the agenda that portrays that even threats and guns don’t work out as a solution to people’s dissatisfaction and anger when they are tired of one’s conduct.

Stanza three, Anthu amatopa/ Bwana ku offesiko ma juniyo amatopa/Kungotopa basi kuti ah! Tatopa/Tingowawazako bwanawa khofi chichitike chichitie tatopa/ Osamasewera ndi anthu bwana ku ofesiko/ Anthu amatopa.

Protégé of the demonstrations for justice that have characterized the modern world, both local and international inspired the possible irritations people have faced. Willing to take a bullet for justice.

The narration ends with a solution delivering the end of the war of life as people are tired of everything, they have now gain momentum power to fight for the system and win for the system put in place by them.

The last stanza reads: “Ana anu omwe, akazanu omwe, amunanu omwe, akazanu omwe, amunanu eni eniwa, wantchito wapakhomoyu, /mukamatiriza kuwasimbwira mumachita kuja nyekhwe adzakuonetsani ndi iwo tsiku ndilimodzi/ Ndatopa nane ndatopa/ Mufuniranjinso umboni wina/ Ndatopa nane ndatopa/ Ndiyigoneke pompa ndakatuloyi/ Nde usavutikr kundiyimbilanso phone kumandiuza zopusa zandakatuloyi/ Ndingokuuzilatu ndikuyenda otopa topa monga a Malawi ambiri.

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