The Maravi Post learned with shock and indignation of the attack in karonga of a BBC reporters on Friday attacked by some angry community from Mwasota village, Traditional Authority (T.A) Kyungu in Karonga on suspicion that they were bloodsuckers.

The Maravi Post joins the Nyika Media Club in condemning the attack of a Malawian and BBC journalists and describing the attack as barbaric.

Both, the BBC and Malawian journalists went to the area for investigations.

The Maravi Post is grateful for the parliamentarian Frank Mwenefumbo (MP Karonga Central Constituency) who rescued the victims of this heinous mob justice.

Mob justice is never really justice st all; and in this instance it was reaction based on ignorance of the community attackers.

It is difficult to believe that the community have never seen a white man. We also believe that while the foreign journalists are required to fulfill the requirements of informing government of the reason for being in Malawi, journalists (local and foreign) should’ve able to perform their investigative duties without the blessings of the police or the traditional leaders.

Such blessings from these two agencies (TA and police), is endowed in all persons by our constitution.

The police and TA are to be vigilant and protect all persons in their mandated areas.

Maravi Post also urges lawmaker Mwenefumbo to conduct civic education in conjunction with police and the traditional authority as soon as possible.

In is unhealthy for our democratic culture for communities to attacking journalists in their line of work.

MALAWI is not a conflict zone and the anarchy displayed by the community, that has an inherent unresolved issues of widespread fears of witchcraft cases, is tantamount to eating the hand that feeds you.

The journalists are in the area to shed light on a dark and shielded matter. The community should embrace the journalists and work with them to bright to light those that are involved.

We underscore our condemnation of the attack on the local and BBC journalists.

We are here to report news without fear and favor. The politicians such as Mr Mwenefumbo, Police, and all traditional leaders must protect and ensure that journalists are accorded their constitutional right to perform their duties.

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