Bakili Muluzi votes for DPP/UDF alliance 06/23/2020 – Humility is the best weapon against pride

Malawians continue to wait for the final results of the judiciary mandated Presidential do-over that international observers including our regional friends like SADC shirked.

One man however, former Malawi President, Bakili Muluzi is sure DPP/UDF alliance will prevail and is already getting ready for inauguration ceremony.

Bakili Muluzi who voted said, humility is the best weapon against pride. I stood there as a normal human not as the former head of state. Unlike our friends the former VPs and presidents who anywhere they go, soldiers and people being pushed around them everywhere!

Angadziwe ndani kuti akuluakulu Aja adagwetsa congolesi Aja ali pa Mizere pomwepo?

Getting ready for inauguration ceremony!

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