Police in Blantyre fired shots to stop an escaping suspect and ‘accidentally’ killed him, yes, you read that correct, a gun was fired at him, to stop him, but it accidentally stopped his heart too.

In a release sourced by Maravi Post and titled: ‘Accidental Shooting,’ police tried very little to logically explain what really happened at the scene of the shooting that saw one Davie Mike aka Ngeya, 23, killed.

“Accidental shooting. Occurred on 25/09/17 at about 18:30 hrs at Mpingwe hill in Limbe T/ship. A notorious criminal named Davie Mike nicknamed Ngeya age, 23, VG: Tabwali, TA:Mabuka, D. Mulanje has been accidentally shot to death while he was escaping from custody.

“Facts pertaining to the matter are that the deceased has been attacking people at Limbe market and Mpingwe residential area. On 25/09/17 at about 17:00 hrs, CID officers received information that the deceased who has been wanted was seen along Brue Bird street. Follow up was made and the deceased was arrested. He was interviewed and admitted to have been among the criminals who attacked no. BO115 Sgt Chitonde of southern region police headquarters and no. B2760 const. Mazibuko of B division. LB/CR/92/09/17 and LB/CR/94/09/17 refers. He further told police officers that he commits the crimes with his friends who hide at Mpingwe mountain.

“He led the police to that place and suddenly jumped out of the vehicle and run away. Police shot several bullets to stop him but a stray bullet landed on him and he died on the spot. LB/mp/32/09/17 refers,” reads the short release.

Questions still remain as to how a bullet can be fired at someone, land on them and then be called a stray, for example, or how they took him to the site without cuffs, and if he had cuffs, why was he not simply chased down because his tied hands would limit his speed.

The suspect was obviously bad company and someone needed to take him off the streets, he also should not have run but… police should also get smart with their writing game.

Such a terrible ‘accident.’

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