Good morning and win today!

​The information reaching us now indicates that ​one of Prophet TB Joshua’s, disciples and Prophet, Racine who returned to the SCOAN on the 5th Dec, 21 after being accused along with his other colleagues of trying to sell TB Joshua’s Private Jet​, has just left the synagogue church of all Nations ​again. ​It is not yet clear at the moment reasons for the sudden exit but it appears that the gimmicks ​by​ Mrs Evelyn Joshua by putting pressure on him to come back to the Synagogue Church of All Nations​ as a cover ​up ​to show that she did not actually deport the foreign disciples of ​TB ​Joshua​, did not work out as planned. Prophet TB Joshua said, “No matter how long a lie endures, the truth sh​all​​ always prevail​.” You​ can ​now all ​see ​that ​the truth has started coming out.

These same disciples that were brutally evicted from the SCOAN by Mrs Evelyn had decided to forfeit ​their ​ ​​education​al pursuit to answer God’s call to come and ​serve under the Ministry of TB Joshua. Some had spent up to 15​, ​20​,​ 25​,​ ​and ​30 years​ in the SCOAN, only to be flushed out suddenly to embrace an uncertain future because where do you expect most of them to start from? Such act is not expected in the political circle anywhere in the world let alone in the house of God, particularly a global Church like SCOAN. It is, to say the least, very shameful. And those set of cabals within the vineyard instigating all the atrocities acts should begin to bury their heads in shame. Now what is left for a man who came back to seek refuge because he said he had nowhere to go, that’s why he came back? It’s a pathetic situation. I leave you readers with this pertinent question.

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