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Written by Patseni Mauka

President Peter Mutharika’s running mate, Everton Chimulilenji is in big trouble. He has accepted a position too big for his brain and his character. He is wearing shoes which are way too big for his feet. Within a few weeks of his appointment, there is evidence that he is overwhelmed. He didn’t expect it and he knows he is not good enough for the post.

Although the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is trying so hard to deny it, puppet Everton is showing all signs of someone trying to seek acceptance from DPP members. Unfortunately he is not smart enough to conceal his desperation to get accepted.

As if embarrassingly thanking Mutharika soon after being unveiled as running mate is not enough, he is repeating himself like his being thankful to Mutharika is one of the key policies to develop Malawi in the DPP manifesto.

His main focus now is assuring Mutharika that he will be nothing but a puppet. He wants Mutharika to know that he has no presidential ambition and that his job is doing everything that Mutharika tells him without questioning. Another objective of his rallies is to assure Malawians that he will always respect ‘Polofesa’ Mutharika from the bottom of his heart, till his death.

His body language at the Masintha rally betrayed him and showed a man who has no confidence in his ability to be the second in command after Mutharika. He was seen lowly bowing to people like Uladi Mussa and other low ranked DPP members. In his salutations before his short speech, he called every one bwana (boss), a sign of low self esteem for a presidential running mate.

– Opinion By Patseni Mauka

At a Mzuzu rally on Saturday, he tried to answer his critics, albeit poorly. He said he is a man without a name and poor just like many Malawians. Therefore, he has accepted the running mate position to represent them. What a poor spin!

Chimulilenji is not poor at all. He might have been poor before but with all benefits of a member of parliament and now wrongly enjoying some benefits of a vice president before becoming one, he is not poor by any standards.

Even if he was poor, nobody would say he can’t be vice president because he is poor. We are saying he is a poor choice of a potential vice president because he has no abilities and as evidenced by his rally speeches, he has no vision for Malawi. All his rally speeches are about thanking President Mutharika for choosing him as running mate and reading of a list of projects DPP claims to have done.

In Mzuzu, he said people should give him a chance to show what he can do. There goes our problem! Malawians are not looking for ‘may trys’. If you don’t know what ‘may try’ means, here is a brief explanation; ‘may try’ is a system where a pupil who fails final term exams is given a chance to proceed to another grade just ‘to try’. In my days we used to say ‘akhonzera meyi thiraye’.

He is saying we should give him a chance to show what he can do because he knows he has never done anything that he can point to justify why he should be elected vice president. At his age, he is supposed to have a rich resume full of achievements. But he has none that is extraordinary!

In his many years as a member of parliament, I have never heard him speaking and articulating issues with brilliance of a man who should be vice president and potential president. At parliamentary level, he has no achievements of national importance that I know.

Compare that with UTM’s presidential team full of track records of life achievements at very young ages! Dr. Saulos Chilima and Dr. Micheal Usi brings in years of experience in community development, public and private sector leadership experience as well as ability to motivate Malawians to move our country out of poverty.

Puppet Everton is definitely not good enough to be vice president and potential president. Malawi is a poor country that can’t take chances on leadership, especially five year chances. We have no time!

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