Deputy Minister of Health Chrissie Kalamula Kanyasho

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CHITIPA-(MaraviPost)-Deputy Minister of Health Chrissie Kalamula Kanyasho has assured people of Kapoka in Chitipa district that government will re surge the stalled Kapoka Health Centre Project.

She made the remarks last Friday after a site inspection of the project which stalled in 2013 at foundation level due to the Infamous cash-gate scandal.

She said the project will hit the ground soon after passing the tendering process.

“The Tonse Alliance led government is committed to infrastructural developments and we also have health issues at heart hence my coming here is to assure the people that their facility will commence soon.

“As earlier said, we are committed to finishing the projects which were started by the previous regime, so in 3-4 months we will have work started on the site,” she said.

Kayasho added that the hospital facility will come with a new design which means the whole project will have to restart.

“On paper it is said that the foundations were laid but as per what I have seen nothing of so is observed on the ground.

In a separate interview the district’s Director of Health and Social Services Dr. Wilson Ching’ani said in line with ‘Essential Health Package Strategy’ Kapoka is entitled to have a health facility.

He said: “Ideally as Malawi government in the ministry of health we have a strategy called Essential Health Package Strategy and one of the policies in it is that we should have a health center within the distance of 6-8 Kilometers.

“Statistics have shown that health centers near Kapoka are at a distance of at least 35-45 Kilometers which becomes a challenge to pregnant women, children and the elderly to access health care in time.

In his remarks, Senior Chief Mwenemisuku said the health center will be an ideal answer to the atrocities people in the area face whenever they want to access health services.

“People have been having problems such as walking long miles to access health services.

“But as we will be having this hospital, people will be relieved from these problems,” he said.

Kanyasho visit comes as a response to the mass protests in the area last week where people were demonstrating demand the truth to the halted project.

Once completed the health facility will help at least 28 thousand people which represents 11% of the total population of the district.

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