Be forward Wanderers players celebrating a goal
Be forward Wanderers players 

I watched the game between Be-forward Wanderers and Tigers at Balaka Stadium in Balaka District on Sunday. I had to watch this game not because it was being played in my home district, but simply because I just love my Wanderers.
Before he scored that classic 30 metre drive that earned him a standing ovation, I told a friend at the stadium that Joseph Kamwendo is not an ordinary player. I read this from his passes and controlling of the ball. He could tell the ball what he wanted and it simply obeyed.

As they say you can not erase history and something came to my mind that is part of the history of Joseph ”s life at nomads.

Joseph was on the verge of switching to Silver FC. We were told all was done and what was remaining was simply for him to put pen to paper.

One Dumbo Lemani got the news and you could see the rage on his face and in his voice too.

Silver Club Secretary was Uka then, while he was working with the Reserve Bank of Malawi and he was the one handling all the arrangements for this controversial transfer.
It only took one phone call from one Rev. Dr. Dumbo Lemani to Uka and he said
” Mr. Uka My name is Dumbo Lemani ,mukuyambayi ndi nkhondo ndipo simuyitha. As long as Dumbo lives Joseph is not joining Silver and tell your friends at Silver kuti Dumbo is in the mood for a fight.”

He thundered,
“Silver stadium will be turned into a grave yard and am not joking “.
He went on and on and that marked the flop of the deal.

Joseph stayed at Wanderers and there was celebration in the nomads family .
The way JK played on Sunday tells it why the late Dumbo was prepared for a fight for the sake of JK.

Ironically the game was being played when the Lemani family was commemorating 12 years after his death. Death cruel death!

That classic goal would have better be dedicated to the Reverend who loved Wanderers with a passion. If he was alive definately he could have been there with his binoculars to watch the soccer team of his life and his JK doing what he knows best.

May the soul of late Rev. Dr.Dumbo Lemani continue to rest in peace.

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