Dr Lazarus Chakwera should not bury his head in an ostrich style and think all is well in our oldest and the biggest opposition block in our democracy. All is not well with the MCP, that is the fact of the matter.Issues of Dr Jessie Kabwila and Mr Felix Jumbe point to the fact that intraparty democracy In Malawi Congress Party is far from being a reality. The problem is that Dr Kabwila and Mr Jumbe are not praise singers as others in the MCP hierarchy. They are people with big brains and can comfortably offer well researched pieces of advice to Dr Chakwera who, to me, wants to hear what he wants to hear only and nothing else.

John Tembo managed to go away with this because he injected a good dosage of dictatorship in his MCP leadership and any dissent was dealt with violently though silently in the party. Dr Chakwera cannot afford to emerge to be another dictator after all.

The era of Mai Manjakhosi and others who helped MCP thrive in one party era are all gone. This is the time for Dr Chakwera to lisen to wise voices of Dr Kabwila and Mr Jumbe instead of the senseless voices from the praise singers.

Dr Chakwera’s head should rise above the sand so that he sees life beyond the sand. After the terror reign of Kamuzu, MCP supporters were subjected to the semi terror administration of JZU, this is why the MCP supporters knew of their next leader in the party whilst seated in the party convention at Natural Resources College in Lilongwe.

Candidates for the position of president for the party were not allowed to be in ‘open relationship’ with supporters. It is unfortunate that Chakwera is busy purging dissent instead of investing in the construction of Kamuzu Palace road. Dr Kabwila and Mr Jumbe are no small fish in MCP. They can help create fog for APM to travel on that bumpy, dusty and fogy road! Dr Chakwera should deal with issues rather than personalities in the party. Purging dissent will not help matters, after all!

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