The Diaspora Wing of the opposition Malawi Congress Party has condemned the escalation of political violence across the country as worrisome and something that needs to be addressed immediately. The condemnation comes amid evidence of opposition party supporters being roughed and beaten up and their vehicles being attacked.

So far, the blame has been put on the ruling DPP cadets although Police are yet to arrest anybody. “We are strongly condemning these political attacks . This is something we don’t need ahead of the general elections if we want the election to be free and fair. Malawi is a democracy and people have the right to support whichever political party they want without fear or intimidation, MCP Diaspora wing spokesman Chalo Mvula said .

There has been a recent wave of political attacks across the country. United Transformation Movement Director of Youth, Bon Kalindo was beaten up by alleged DPP Cadets, a few days later UTM supporters in Mangochi were attacked by DPP cadets as they were going to Namwera in the district to conduct a rally. In another incident In Blantyre on Sunday night, cadets severely assaulted Edward Govati for belonging to the MCP. The escalating political violence is also said to be the reason why MCP president Dr Lazarus Chakwera suspended his planned attendance of Chilembwe Day memorial in Chiradzulo. Social Media has been awash with photos and Video evidence of many of these attacks.

The Malawi Congress Party Diaspora has called on the DPP government to bring order and make sure that Malawi continues to be a peaceful nation . “ It is unfortunate that DPP leadership is not condemning the acts of its cadets, This shows that they have no respect for democracy and that these cadets are being intentionally sent in order to strike fear in Opposition members and supporters ahead of the elections” said Mvula.

The diaspora wing also had a warning for those perpetuating the violence saying they will be held accountable. “Nobody will get away with it – those who are behind these attacks will be brought before the courts , Dr Chakwera preaches about respect for the rule of law and those deliberately doing this will have to answer “ Mvula said . MCP diaspora wing has also warned that failure to act, will lead to the diaspora community engaging with the international community and human rights organisations so that the situation in Malawi can be monitored and action taken.

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