BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-UTM Regional Secretary for the South, Henry Gonani has resigned from his position.

Gonani says his resignation is due to the flowery campaign promises that made people vote for the Tonse government are being implemented retrospectively or in reverse.

He adds life has become harder for most Malawians except for the elite group; citing continued increase of prices of essential goods.

His resignation comes days after the party’s former national director of youth, Bon Kalindo also dumped the UTM.

Inside sources in UTM confided in with The Maravi Post that more resignation will follow due to poor and selfishness of UTM leadership.

“Our president Saulos Chilima is to blame for all this. He is selfish. He avoid meeting party members. Chilima always gives excuses to listen to challenges facing members. Expect more senior members to resign from the party.

“What we see is him all over the place opening functions but does not have time for party member to listen to their concerns on Tonse alliance agreements. Chilima has never supported any UTM member being victimised by President Lazarus Chakwera’s government.

There was no immediate reaction from UTM leadership on Gonani resignation.

Below is UTM Regional Secretary for the South, Henry Gonani resignation letter:

Date: 20th November 2021

TO: The UTM Party President- Rt Hon Dr Saulosi Klaus Chilima

From: The UTM Regional Secretary-South

CC : The UTM Party Secretary General


Your honour the Party President, I hereby tender my resignation as The Regional Secretary for the south with immediate effect.

My late dad used to tell me that life is but a journey with so many jigsaw puzzles. He advised me that in every situation one should make a decision no matter how bad or good but life must move on. He further advised me that decisions that affect majority of people’s life should always be pro not con and must be reflected as such in the eyes of God. He went on to say about leadership and said, it is twofold. You either lead from the front as boss or from the back as a shepherd. Throughout my life I have chosen the later over the former as the best style. Leading from behind, you are able to control or see your members be it the weak, the strong and those meek souls by issuing proper guidance whilst leading from the front you end loosing followers without noticing up until you turn around.

Resigning without giving reasons would mean shooting without an aim. I am sure reasons given below might assist in building party followers trust in your leadership style.

It is gospel truth that life is hard in Malawi for the majority of Malawians except the elite class. The basic necessities prices have sky rocketed beyond the reach of majority of Malawians. Implementation of the UTM Manifesto in this Tonse Alliance government is almost zero. Flowery Campaign promises that made Malawians vote for the current government are being implemented retrogressively or reverse mode which will make it harder for UTM to do better in 2025. I have always nursed an appetite to always associate myself with the winning team so that when all is said and done I should leave an amazing legacy as it is said be nice to people on your way up for you will definitely meet them on your way down.

I feel bad to see my brothers and sisters who supported this Tonse alliance in Traditional Likoswe having their farm lands for over 37 years being confiscated by the very government they voted for and consequently offered for sale through a newspaper article to favour the rich and Burundians whilst there is equally idle land at Mikolongwe veterinary. This is painful.

Again I feel bad to see my kinsmen who financially funded UTM region campaign travels losing their jobs for being deemed pro DPP simply because they are from Chiradzulu yet our trusted leaders cannot intervene. Even the secretary General is aware of the predicament. In other words, they assisted UTM to lose their jobs, sad.

Before I pen off, an advice would be, it is good to assist members when some catastrophe befall them. A case in point is one of Mrs. Rose Nthala a regional committee member who lost an eye whose problem emanated from an election monitoring exercise. As I am writing the lady is failing to access eye glasses but the party is quiet, pretending everything is okay. A similar case is mine. Since I was involved in a road accident while on party engagement in December to date the party has given a blind eye to my problem. Out of the over MK6 million hospital bills from Adventist Hospital, Beit Cure Hospital and Mwayi Wathu Hospital which I incurred and continue to incur I was only assisted with very little unless someone somewhere benefitted from my accident. Despite the degree of my injury, losing some intestines and crushed foot not even the SG can call to check how I am faring to date.

Lastly am thankful to Hon Masangwi, Hon Newton Kambala, Hon Anita Kalinde and Hon Bright Kawaga for arranging to cheer me and offer moral and financial support. I came able bodied but I leave with a very big incapacitation. All I can is to God be the Glory. I wish you well as you strive to offer the best for Malawi.

Yours in service,

Henry Gonani.

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