Google loves to make changes in its algorithm. He makes hundreds of changes in a year to provide its users with best search results. Search engine optimization is a technique to keep up with its guidelines to show high in its results. There are so many things and it is easy to miss something. Which results in invisibility in the search results. But if you do everything right, it will result in increased organic traffic. More traffic means more lead generation and revenue. There are many ISO certified digital marketer you can find that can help market your website to get higher results in google. Every business needs to increase its customers to generate more leads and sales.

SEO is constantly changing and there are many changes in recent years. It means that the techniques you used in the last 5 years will not work today. That is why; in this article, we are going to give some expert advice to help optimize your website for the coming years. Search engine optimization is not that difficult as some of the website owners think. It is all about creating a good experience for your users.

User Experience

All of the SEO experts tell to provide the best experience to the users of your website. It is one of the factors for improving rankings. Google has also told that RankBrain is the third important factor for getting a higher rank. Many of you have not heard about RankBrain. It is a machine learning system that tells google whether to rank a webpage or not. It sees how users interact with search results. If it seems that the user bounces back immediately from a webpage, then the page will start to lose ranking. But if a user spends some time on the website then it will increase the ranking of the webpage.


Is there a post which ranks high in the google search results? If yes! Then give this article an overhaul. Add examples, statistics, contributor quotes, answers, details and anything else that can make it perfect. You need to make it a high-quality page that you can proud of. Use natural key phrase and length to make it look good. To make this tactic more effective, there are the following ways:

  • If you are going to rewrite the article, pay attention to the related subtopics.
  • You need to do this even quarterly.

Potential of A Video

Do you know that Video marketing is also a great way to drive traffic to your website? Some of the people focus on the quantity of the content rather than focusing on quality. Google wants you to write quality content, it does not need to be large. It just needs to give some value to the customer. Also, you do not need to update your website with low word count content. You need to focus on creating engaging content that people love to read. Video Content has a lot of potential and great for improving your SEO Rankings.

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