SPC Colleen Zamba and Chakwera

By Deus Chikalaza

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-These are facts on how President Lazarus Chakwera and Secretary to President and Cabinet (SPC) Colleen Zamba are involved into US$170 million Auzano’s bogus fertilizer deal.

(a) The Fertilizer Company was introduced to Government by Colleen Zamba, current Secretary to President and Cabinet (SPC).

(b) The owner of the Company is Muviri Kupara

(c) SPC Zamba flew to Cape Town soon after her return from United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to negotiate the fertilizer deal from Auzano.

(d) President Chakwera is said to have approved the trip without knowing full details of her assignment .

(e) On her return, Zamba had a huge fight with Sosten Gwengwe who was refusing to request cabinet for a Sovereign guarantee to Auzano; unfortunately the Minister of Finance gave in to her pressure.

Manipulation and Tactics

(a) Zamba forced Mr Maweru the then Principle Secretary (PS) Agriculture and Richard Chikunkhuzeni of SFRRFM to ensure deal is finalized without fail despite not following the procurement procedures as required by law.

(b) Zamba also tried to force the PPDA Director General to back date a no objection approval for Auzano and when he refused, she threaten to fire him.

(c) Zamba upon realizing that Dr. Chilapondwa of PPDA is not a walk over, she then appointed one of her very close Associate Innocentia Ottober to Chair the PPDA Board.

Sovereign Guarantee issues:

It does not mean Malawi Government paid a single tambala.

It only gives comfort that government owns the risk in case the project or deal fails for whatever reason.

What it does though, it limits government to issue other guarantees on important projects.

If the deal was properly negotiated, the guarantee could have been less than US$170 million

Sovereign guarantee is scrutinized by the department of justice. Attorney General (AG) checks the terms of transaction.

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