George Chaponda
George Chaponda: was suspended from ministerial position due to rotten maize deal

We demand an immediate arrest of former agriculture minister, George Chaponda, just as any citizen would be arrested and charged, if found with the same case — fraud, corruption, hoarding local and foreign currencies.

Malawi is for everyone, but the “kid glove treatment” that President Peter Mutharika is giving to his tribe-mate George Chaponda, is a serious national threat as far as nation building is concerned.

President Peter Mutharika is a national leader, not a tribal or regional leader; and for him to shield and defend those persons from his party and tribe, pose a dangerous perspective on the national agenda of building a rule of law and good governance nation.

Malawi is likened to a dictatorship style of rule, where those from the ruling party, and those from the president’s tribe, are regarded as more citizens, than the rest of the citizens from other sides of the country.

In choosing to side with George Chaponda (by not arresting him), the Malawi Police Service, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and the entire ruling DPP, have openly stipulated that they are not after continuing the democratic values that we dearly fought for when some of the membership in the party, were in exile. It is merely based on their personal gains and not for political reasons, Peter Mutharika has failed the nation of Malawi and all of us who fought tirelessly for the multiparty dispensation. The actions of Peter Mutharika in letting corruption to blanket the nation, where each and every household and office believe “official duty” must be done under corrupt practices have reduced President Peter Mutharika, to be a lesser leader and a lesser common citizen. His office demands a person of moral high caliber than he is showing.

Malawi President Dr. Peter Mutharika

The good intentions that President Peter Mutharika may have for the nation, must begin with making sure that the evil that has and is depriving Malawi of its efforts to move a step forward on the ladder of development and prosperity, then corruption is erased and deleted from the hearts of Malawians, particularly those holding public office in the country. This starts with the State House holder to ministers, members of parliament, counselors, and civil servants.
Failing to stop corruption, while defending some friends and cohorts in the scam, renders President Peter Mutharika, a failure and an accomplice of evil.

We all know that corruption is evil and thwarts national development and prosperity; we are also aware that corruption deprives citizens of their right to services and social amenities. Any leader that condones corruption, which is a vice, is an enemy of the nation.

We have a belief that President Mutharika is willing to develop Malawi, but his quest of developing Malawi, will not materialize if he, as a president, sides with or shields corrupt friends and corrupt tribe or corrupt officials in his administration.

For the sake of public trust President Peter Mutharika, must arrest George Chaponda. It is in his hands to side with the country, and Malawians, or choose to side with the thieves for the spoon will decide how to dish come 2019.

As Defenders of the Future of Malawi and Save Malawi advocates, we are disappointed with President Mutharika for letting the nation down through openly showing that his government is an institution that wines and dines with thieves and defend thieves.

Peter Mutharika has only two years to prove to the people of Malawi that he is capable of being the president of the country and not the tribe, region or the few thieves and crooks. The ball rests in his court.


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