President Alpha Conde captured

CONAKRY-(MaraviPost)-Guinea’s special forces have overthrown President Alpha Conde-led administration in Guinea.The president was said to have been captured by the soldiers who declared dissolution of his government.

The 83-year old president’s sin was term elongation as he won a third term after tinkering with the constitution.

A Guinean Army Colonel, Mamady Doumbouya, has therefore seized control of state television and declared that President Alpha Conde’s government had been dissolved and the West African nation’s borders closed.

Media reports that the announcement came after hours of heavy gunfire erupted near the presidential palace. President Alpha Conde’s place has been attacked by soldiers

This publication understands that after seizing the airwaves, the mutinous Guinean soldiers vowed to restore democracy and gave themselves a name, “The National Committee of Gathering and Development.”

According to the report, Conde’s whereabouts were not immediately known as Col. Doumbouya, who spoke to the nation, made no mention of the 83-year-old president, whose popularity has plummeted since he sought a third term last year.

“We will no longer entrust politics to one man; we will entrust it to the people.” Doumbouya, who has headed a Special Forces unit in the military, said he was acting in the best interests of the nation of over 12.7 million people. He said: “The duty of a soldier is to save the country.”

BBC News had reported that the fate of Guinea’s president, Alpha Condé is unclear after an unverified video showed him in the hands of soldiers, who said they had staged a coup.

The defence minister had, however, been quoted as saying the attempted takeover had been thwarted.

According to the report, this follows hours of heavy gunfire near the presidential palace in the capital, Conakry as soldiers were patrolling the otherwise deserted streets of the city centre.

The report had it that terrified residents of the central Kaloum district have heeded their orders to stay at home.

The video reportedly showed the soldiers from a unit of elite special forces asking President Condé to confirm he is unharmed but he refuses to respond, adding atht all land and air borders have been closed and the government dissolved.

It was learnt that the only bridge connecting the mainland to the Kaloum peninsular, which houses most ministries and the presidential palace, has been sealed off and many soldiers, some heavily armed, have been posted around the palace, a military source told Reuters news agency.

There are unconfirmed reports that three soldiers have been killed. President Condé was re-elected for a controversial third term in office amid violent protests last year.

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