Aries: You may take a step forward to strengthen bonds in a romantic relationship. You will get to encounter a lot of familiar faces in a social do. Things brighten up on the home front with the arrival of a family member staying away from home. Health remains good.

Taurus: Things move smoothly on the academic front, but you will have to be at it. You will be able to achieve what you have set out for today on the professional front. Luck favours you on the financial front as money comes to you. You will find a social gathering enjoyable as you get to meet people you have not met in years.

Gemini: Journey by public transport may not be as bad as anticipated. You will be able to get the approval of authority for developing your property. Planning something interesting with lover on the romantic front will help strengthen romantic bonds. Something you dislike is likely to be repeated and make you see red.

Cancer: Those feeling unlucky on the romantic front previously will have a reason to rejoice now! Your loving nature and creative bent of mind is likely to make you a favourite of all in your circle. Professionals are likely to earn well and add to their list of clients. Much goodwill is likely to be earned at work simply by being nice to all.

Leo: Something done in good faith may be misunderstood. You may feel persecuted by some people in your circle. Financial worries may give some sleepless nights. You may be left to fend for yourself on the domestic front in the absence of any support for close ones.

Virgo: A journey with someone you like may usher in romance. Property matters are likely to be decided in your favour. Previous investments are likely to give good returns. You will derive immense satisfaction on the work front. Helping out someone seeking your personal attention will make you feel nice. Health remains excellent.

Libra: Your popularity will be on the rise on the social front. On the professional front, you may be able to tackle everything with ease today. Getting something you had wanted for long as a gift cannot be ruled out. There is much to gain by making a business trip to some other city.

Scorpio: An opportunity to buy property at a bargain price may present itself soon to those looking for one. Travelling on a vacation is likely to give as much fun to some as the vacation itself. A causal meeting with someone of opposite gender may develop into something serious on the romantic front.

Sagittarius: Suitable lodgings will be found by those new to a place. Sticking to a laid out routine and good dietary habits will help you remain fit. You will need to maintain your focus on the professional front, if you want to achieve anything worthwhile. Family may bank upon you for support.

Capricorn: Reposing faith in near and dear ones regarding important decisions will be in order. You will need to be more tolerant of others, if you want to retain bonhomie at work. You may have to bank upon someone on the academic front to finish your current project. Money may come from an unexpected source.

Aquarius: A piece of good news awaits you on the academic front. If you are in line for promotion, you can expect a favourable development. Peace and quiet is what you want on the home front and this is what you can expect today. Those going steady will achieve a better understanding.

Pisces: Positive developments on the marital front may delight the eligible. Someone may take unusual interest in your affairs in the hope of catching your eye! Some of you are likely to turn a business trip into leisure and enjoy the outing to the hilt. Doing up home by initiating changes in the set-up is possible.

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