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How to Buy Ethereum in a Few Clicks

The crypto era began with all things Bitcoin. But as time went on, the industry felt the need for more developments and improvements. The new approach to cryptocurrency and blockchain was taken by young skilled programmer Vitalik Buterin who introduced  Ethereum. Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a peer-to-peer platform that allows users to make fast cross-border transactions, but its functionality goes well beyond this.

Ethereum, as we know it, has been around for a bit more than 3 years, but it holds a firm place as the second-best cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. You can attribute its popularity to a huge potential or unique capabilities, but investors still buy Ethereum, contributing to its further growth.

The Ethereum primer

Ethereum is not just a coin for investment or transfer, though the transactions with Ether are faster than with Bitcoin. Investors are mostly inspired by Ethereum’s technology that now powers a lot of blockchain-based projects.

Originally, Ethereum was intended to become the world’s first virtual supercomputer, capable of running multiple decentralized apps. Thanks to self-executing smart contracts, Ethereum completely eliminates any third-party interference and allows developers to create different-purpose projects that will run as programmed. These projects range from financial to healthcare or can even be governance-oriented. Simply put, using the Ethereum platform, you can run virtually any program or create an asset that will exist in the digital world.

Ether, as a native token, plays a significant role in the proper functioning of the platform and acts as a ‘fuel’ for it. The more the Ethereum blockchain progresses, the higher the price of Ether will be.

Where can you buy Ether?

As any other token, Ethereum can be bought at a cryptocurrency exchange. When it comes to obtaining Ether in a few clicks, then your obvious choice will be a service that offers an option of buying cryptocurrency with fiat instantly. The way of getting Ether through a peer-to-peer deal is also possible, but it is better to do this if you trust the individual seller.

With all that said, here is the list of reliable exchanges where you can buy Ethereum quickly and hassle-free.


Being one of the largest UK-based exchanges, CEX.IO allows buying Ethereum not only with GBP but also with USD and more (you can check the full list of pairs here However, before you can actually proceed to purchasing Ether, you need to go through a few stages first – registration, ID verification, and credit card approval. As a company that enjoys the status of a Money Services Business, these steps are essential due to the KYC/AML policies it complies with.

Once it’s all done, navigate to the BUY/SELL tab on the main page of the website. Here, you will be offered to buy Ethereum with Visa or Mastercard in a matter of clicks. To simplify the buying process, the website provides you with several options to get ETH – for $200, $500, and $1,000. If none of these fits in your budget, you can define a custom amount of Ethereum you are willing to buy. In this case, CEX.IO will adjust this amount to the current exchange rate and automatically calculate how much money is to be spent. Now the only thing left to do is click BUY. The whole process will take you no more than a couple of minutes.

Yes, the CEX.IO website is really that easy to use, and what’s more important – it is available in several languages for the convenience of their international customers.


It is probably one of the largest and oldest exchanges that caters for the needs of crypto enthusiasts all around the globe. Still, Coinbase operates in 33 countries only, so if you want to start using this platform – check whether it is available in your state of residence first.

Coinbase has a long-standing reputation and enjoys a user base of over 20 million customers. Like CEX.IO, it is a simple and intuitive platform, though with a slightly lower number of cryptocurrencies on offer. As a user of Coinbase, you will be allowed to buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, and of course, Ethereum. The fiat pairs available for Ether include ETH/USD, ETH/EUR, and ETH/GBP.

Generally, the process of buying cryptocurrency with a credit card here is no different from that of other broker services. Upon logging in, you will be taken to the Dashboard where the recent price movements of Ethereum are displayed – this will help you to decide whether it is a good time to buy or not. To start purchasing Ethereum, go to the BUY/SELL section. There you will need to add a payment card and get it verified by Coinbase. Once the card is approved, enter the amount of money you are ready to spend, press Buy Ethereum instantly, and confirm the purchase. That’s it, enjoy Ethereum in your Coinbase wallet.


The last on our list is Coinmama. Although it works in a similar way to both Coinbase and CEX.IO, one thing that drives it out of competition is the fact that Coinmama won’t allow you to sell cryptocurrency on their platform. However, since the article focuses on the best places for buying Ethereum, Coinmama is clearly worthy of your attention.

The user-friendly interface, round-the-clock customer support, the option of buying Ether with fiat – Coinmama ticks all these boxes. So what does it take to purchase cryptocurrency here?

As usual, go to the Register section and create your profile on the website – it won’t take much time. Once you are all set and your identity is verified, find the Buy Ether tab, where you will be presented with several pre-set options (like that of CEX.IO), or offered to input your own amount for purchasing. Choose the payment method you are going to use and the wallet address to which your ETH will be sent. After you fill in all the necessary information, the payment will be processed and the coins delivered. This is actually what makes Coinmama different from other exchanges – it doesn’t store your coins within their platform.


As you can see, there is nothing difficult about buying Ethereum at cryptocurrency exchanges. If you opt for a reliable platform, the whole process will be quick, safe and legit. However, keep in mind that any cryptocurrency exchange charges fees and has geographical restrictions. So before deciding on one of them, do as much additional research as possible and never spend more than you can afford to lose.



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